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On The Americans Season 4 Episode 10, Pastor Tim went missing in Ethiopia.

His wife, Alice, knew what happened. The Jennings, or the Russians, got rid of him.

Or did they? Did it even matter if she accused them and threatened to turn evidence over to the government?

Paige had to take Alice under control. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was having difficulties dealing with what she did to Young-Hee's family.

When Young-Hee called her wanting to talk about Don's strange behavior, Elizabeth talked to Gabriel.

Will he be able to do anything to help?

Find out when you watch The Americans online right here. Click above to get started.

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Philip: We don't want this. This is a disaster for us.
Paige: For YOU?

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And she really thinks we'd be so stupid as to leave Alice.