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Oh, wow. Patty is at dinner with Young-Hee. AWKWARD. Young-Hee tries to bring Don into the conversation at dinner with a funny, funny thing, but he excuses himself to do some work.

Paige is at home making noodles with boullion. She asks Philip about his dad. What did he do for work? Philip comes from a city in Siberia called Tibulsk. His dad was a logger. She wonders if he liked it there. There were things he liked, but they didn't think that way. His mom was very tough. You had to be that way. After the war, people didn't have much. It was about hard work and protecting your family. He worked at a cooperative that made rakes. When the guy tried to pay him half one week, his mom went over. And then he paid Philip all of it.

Stan wants Aderholt to grab a drink the next night with Martha's dad.

Pastor Tim's wife, Alice, shows up. Tim is missing in Ethiopia. She blames Elizabeth and Philip for what happened to him when she discovered Ethiopia is under the rule of the USSR. She made a tape, and if Tim doesn't come home, she's going to go to the State Department.

Oleg and his lady are having screaming sex. She finally tells him she's in Depart. 12, bioweapons. She needs an old lady from Moscow to come to America who speaks perfect English.

Paige wonders if the Russians did something to Tim.

She's a bit distraught. When she finally storms out, Philip even questions...is there any way?

Paige goes to the church to help with the rescue efforts. She cries in Alice's arms. Alice cries on Paige's shoulder.

Stan and the FBI have told Martha's dad about the KGB and taking up with Clark, an agent. He finds it hard to believe. He wants them to promise they won't give up looking for her. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the same thing to them that it does to him.

Henry is playing "tennis" against the garage door, driving everyone mad. Paige comes home and the family tries to talk. Paige cannot believe that if Alice shares the tape, they might have to leave, go back to Russia.

In Thailand, Gaad is murdered in his hotel room. It was supposed to be a proposal from the Russians, but Gaad ran. They said sorry as he bled out and then left.

James is back, candoodling with Kimmy. She tells James her dad doesn't work for the State Department, but works for the CIA. He doesn't think she should have told him.

Paige goes looking for Henry at Stan's and is surprised when Mike asks her to hang out. She wonders if Mike thinks it's cool or weird that his dad is an FBI agent. Now he's chatty. And Mike's chatty, too. Mike talks about Martha, who just disappeared. How her father is just broken up. They begin talking about the missing Pastor Tim and Mike offers to drive her to church. When they arrive, there is news that everyone is fine. Her relief is ridiculous. She runs over to check on Alice, leaving Mike to learn about youth choir.

Paige is both happy and sad about the turn of events. Alice wants Paige to please tell her parents she's sorry. Paige assures her they understand. But do they? Will they?

Young-Hee left a message for Patty. She's crying, saying Don's behavior is getting worse. She really needs to talk.

Paige tells her parents about what happened and relays the message from Alice, as well as one of her own. They promise they won't lie to her. Paige doesn't want to ask Alice for the tape right now. She thinks the timing is off. It's better to wait. She wonders then, when they're going to tell Henry. A lot of that depends on Henry.

Arkady and the nameless one are speaking. He gets news about Gaad, realizing the operation probably should never have been planned in the first place.

At FBI headquarters, Aderholt shares what he knows with Stan. Stan is stunned.

Gabriel and Elizabeth are sharing tea. He wonders if she's ready to get the codes. Elizabeth hesitates. She's not as strong in her reply. Gabriel notices. He suggests they ask for another way in, just in case Elizabeth's feelings can be spared and she can maybe, just maybe have a friend and salvage a family for which she cares.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Philip: We don't want this. This is a disaster for us.
Paige: For YOU?

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And she really thinks we'd be so stupid as to leave Alice.