Mistresses Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Blurred Lines

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Finally! Mistresses Season 4 Episode 4 begins to get back to what made this show so delectable last season: deception and secrets.

Everyone struggles with their work lives, or lack thereof, which causes some problems in their personal lives.

Kate Gets News - Mistresses

Karen's return to her practice is refreshing and much needed.

Patient: I’ve never had an orgasm!
Karen: Okay. Little bit of a problem.

She was beginning to become dull. When Karen is dull, you know you have an issue.

She's always been the most scandalous of the mistresses, and now with a child, they've struggled to make her more than just a mother.

Goodbye, Manny! It's time for Karen to worry about something other than just the men in her life, and balance her job with being a mother, but don't take men completely off of the table.

In the preview for Mistresses Season 4 Episode 5, a shocking return is going to happen. My hopes?

Alec. I want Alec, Karen's baby daddy, to return, and those two to explore a relationship in Vivian's memory, for their daughter Vivian.

His former wife would want them happy, and she'd be supportive, I believe. This baby was a product of ALL of their love.

With the manny gone, it opens up an opportunity for Alec to return to Karen's life, and as they're both so busy with their jobs, the same issues of overworking wouldn't occur.

Joss' decision to play dirty to land a client seems to have compromised her character.

Henry: Bad news?
Joss: No, it’s just the slow crumbling of my self-esteem.

That's definitely something Season 1 Joss Carver would have done, but after Season 3, I'm genuinely surprised.

I'd thought she'd changed, but we still don't know what exactly happened to her that night, though we learned it's not what she told her friends and family.

Joss should be commended for holding it together as well as she has, and I've grown fond of her Impact class. It's a safe place for everyone to train, learn to protect themselves, and share the scariest moments of their lives.

This is the one thing that Joss can't rely on her friends for because they'd never understand exactly what happened.

She had to fight for her life to survive Wilson's attack, and she went to prison after being framed for murder. If I were Joss, I would've fallen off of the face of the planet like Savi did.

But Joss perseveres and landed her client, even though her methods were less than perfect.

Will she ever be able to live down the legacy of Calista Raines?

Kate: Do I have to get out of my snuggie?
Harry: Is that what that is?

Kate mourns her relationship with Brian, her ex-fiance, who has already gotten into a new relationship.

They were together, what, 10 years?

Even though he cheated on her to begin her journey to L.A., it makes sense that she'd be upset. Did she ever mean that much to him?

Harry tried to find her a job, but Kate still hasn't figured out what her next step is. What will she do for a living? She was a wedding photographer in Australia, but that's probably not the best position for her currently.

Meanwhile, April's love life intercedes with her professional life, once again.

I can't hear the name Paul without having PTSD. Or Daniel... or Richard, for that matter.


The new job she landed is put into jeopardy when she's informed she has to impress the wife first, but when Jonathan kisses her after Marc suggests he's had feelings for April, she's landed into a sticky situation.

Marc is working with his ex-girlfriend in their new band, but she didn't kiss him. Jonathan kissed April. And she didn't tell Marc.

After all of the problems in their relationship, would they be able to make it past this? I'm secretly hoping April ends it and finds someone more mature, but Marc brings out her creative side.

I don't know, it's all too much to handle. I miss Savi. And Calista. Bring them back.

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Blurred Lines Review

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Mistresses Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Henry: Bad news?
Joss: No, it’s just the slow crumbling of my self-esteem.

Patient: I’ve never had an orgasm!
Karen: Okay. Little bit of a problem.