Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Blood Harvest

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Ben's in serious trouble.

I'm fairly certain he'll make it out alive, but there's no way he'll be completely unscathed, is there? 

My guess is Xander shows up in time to save him from serious harm somehow. Maybe one of the guard guys left behind a flame thrower?

Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 2

There was a lot of talk on Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 2 about the First Generation not being allowed to harm each other. Jason feels like he found a loophole, but what are the chances anyone else buys what he's selling?

Kerry clearly doesn't. I think it is only a matter of time before she turns on him and becomes a spy for the rebels. Who's with me?

Kerry: The rules, Jason. No First Gen can harm another First Gen. We were taught that.
Jason: I didn't harm him, I exiled him. Abbies did the harm.

Ben was obviously counting on that important rule when he turned himself in. He assumed that rule would protect him. He assumed wrong.

Jason may be able to justify leaving Ben outside the walls to himself, but it is eating up at the other members of the First Generation. Theresa's pleading really got to them. If Xander isn't the one to save Ben, I'm guessing those guys will do it. 

Of course, if they do, what will the consequences be? Would Jason see that as mutiny? 

He thinks the rebellion is over. I say it's just getting started.

Of course, Wayward Pines has bigger problems to worry about right now. Something strange is going on with the abbies. They wanted in so bad that they were willing to sacrifice themselves to create a wall for others to climb. It was taken down pretty quickly, but this is just the beginning. 

Jason's feeling overconfident about them not showing up on the cameras at the end. He thinks they're gone, but of course they're not. For one we saw them attack Ben. So, what are the abbies planning? We don't really know how much they are capable of when it comes to thought or strategy.

I was getting a little tune up. I have to get them every once in awhile, it helps even me out. But then, I'm good to go, like now I'm just cooking with gas.


What exactly are these "tune-ups" the adults are getting? Are they becoming Stepford Wives? How much control do the adults have over their own brains?

It makes you wonder how much Theo can really trust his wife. I'm also curious if Theresa gets these "tune-ups," and if not, how she manages to avoid them. 

If they are a way for the First Generation to control the adults in Wayward Pines, you would think Jason would want to use it on Theo. Instead, he just continues to whine like a toddler whenever Theo talks back to him. 

Theo's a smart guy, of course it wasn't going to take him long to realize that he has leverage as the only doctor in this town. All it took for Jason to realize it was his boo Kerry getting injured. 

Now he has no choice but to put up with him until the residents are trained. Theo's smart enough to know not to bring them along too quickly. He's not going to give up his upper-hand. 

It's so weird seeing all these super young girls sitting in class with their pregnant bellies. But we know that having children is their top priority. That and solving the apparent food crisis. 

The rations are obviously not equal. We saw what Jason and Kerry were having for dinner compared to that young boy sick from malnutrition. 

We're introduced to a new character, though he's not actually new to Wayward Pines. CJ is in charge of the harvest, which they had to plant outside the walls due to some soil problem or something. No idea how they were keeping the abbies from getting to it. Maybe I missed that. 

I do wish we could have seen more of Djmon Hounsou. He hasn't really done much yet, but I assume his role will grow. 

What do you guys think so far? How does it compare to Wayward Pines Season 1? So far I am certainly intrigued, but I don't know that I am finding it quite as compelling.

If you missed anything, you can watch Wayward Pines online and catch up!

Blood Harvest Review

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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I want to know where we really are. I want to know what that fence is about. I want to know what those things are outside that fence, and I want to know how an underage cretin gets to be in charge of all this.


I was getting a little tune up. I have to get them every once in awhile, it helps even me out. But then, I'm good to go, like now I'm just cooking with gas.