Criminal Minds Season 12: Paget Brewster Returns...For How Long?!

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Emily Prentiss is coming home again!

That's right, Paget Brewster is set to reprise the fan favorite role during Criminal Minds Season 12 for "a bunch of episodes" to use the technical terminology.

Paget Prentiss

If we learned anything from the Criminal Minds Season 11 finale, it's that the team needs all the help it can get.

If you recall, things went all kinds of crazy after BAU raided a prison which resulted in the escape of 13 highly volatile fugitives at the end of it all.

We've already learned that Adam Rodriguez will be joining Criminal Minds as a special agent with the FBI working hand in hand with the Task Force to hunt down these fugitives. 

He'll be a series regular, and that proves just how much airtime tracking these fugitives with have in the upcoming season.

It's likely there will be other cases to solve in the meantime, but it's always exciting to have that overarching threat of anxiety and doom that one central storyline provides for a series such as this.

It looks like Brewster has been filming for a while now, because she's had a hard time not sharing the news. 

With the timing of the excited Tweet, she was probably told to wait until the CBS panel was held at San Diego Comic Con to break the news to her fans.

Brewster first left the role after Criminal Minds Season 7, and returned for the 200th episode during Criminal Minds Season 9

Although she was asked to return during AJ Cook's (Jennifer "JJ" Jareau) maternity leave, she was then starring on the now defunct Grandfathered.

She did, however, make time to come back and share some super sweet scenes with her former cast mates when Prentiss brought an international case to BAU for help in solving.

It's always nice seeing how overjoyed Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is at a Prentiss return, and it will mean even more now that Derek (Shemar Moore) is no longer with the team (or on the show).

Moore chose to end his stay on Criminal Minds at the end of last season.

Criminal Minds also stars Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler.

There is no official word either way on whether Aisha Tyler will remain as Tara Lewis, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I thought she was a great addition to the team.

Are you excited for Prentiss' return? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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