Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Barney Rubble Eyes

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Blotter is kicked out on Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 2 after an acid trip inadvertently reveals the bones of the mysterious spirit that haunts Camp Stillwater.

This show proved itself to be better than I ever intended, though the Satanic path they're following in regards to the spirits is questionable.

I have a confession. Alex Powell is my favorite character, and even after his questionable actions, I still love him. I apologize.

Lacing Blotter's... baby bottle... with acid, and letting his friend take the fall for that annoying, little kid's repeated running off was not cool, but understandable.

His home life is still unknown, other than the fact that his father died a few years before, and he's blackmailing the dirtbag at the laundromat where his father used to work.

Who would've thought that Alex was from Russia?

His life has toughened him up. Toughened to the point where he no longer feels anything. Whereas the pilot painted him as the "golden boy," he's clearly not.

His manipulative nature is made very clear by his self-protective actions.

But after everything, Alex still helped Anton, the kid who flashed him back to his harsh childhood.

He said I have to find him, or someone is going to die.


My prediction was correct. The spirit can choose who sees him, and he revealed himself to the kids, and later to Blotter.

What did Blotter see?! Was it an army of ghosts, or a pile of bodies of those who have never left Camp Stillwater? Obviously, he's not going to be able to leave, but will the kids?

Either the kids will all leave camp, or the counselors are going to have to protect themselves and these innocent children.

Realistically, I'd hope the children will leave, potentially after another death. Hopefully the deputy's. The love pentagon between Cricket/Alex/Amy/Garrett/Jessie is too much.

I'm all for romance, but lets not distract from the horror that the show should focus on. The set-up they've left is very interesting, yet nothing has been revealed. Why did the "tall man" die in the first place?

Maybe Deb knows.

You know, usually, when someone says they're private, it means they have a secret.


Whatever weird relationship is happening between Deb and Joel has got to stop. It's icky.

She clearly is hiding a lot about Camp Stillwater and its history. Though I doubt she knows much about the tall man that is going around tormenting her campers.

Deb hasn't made clear which side of this war she's on, but she seems to genuinely love the camp, and care for the safety of her campers.

What if she was a ghost, too? I'm reaching.

You think I don't know what 'blotter' means? I was a counselor in the '70s.


Meanwhile, Blair's lust over Drew, who no one has any idea is transgender, is going down a dangerous direction. The token gay is going to be ignorant about Drew being transgender, using it as a plot device for a relationship.

Did anyone else think Cricket had a thing for Amy?

She stared wistfully in the direction of both Alex and Amy, and before she said his name, I believed she was confessing an unrequited love for the new girl.

The Satanic cult path that they're taking with the drug dealers is quite bizarre.

Blotter dug up the tall man's bones, the drug dealers stole them, and Anton passed along the message that "this is only the beginning."

Is his goal to come back to life?

Why did this man die in the first place? And what is his connection to those bodies in the lake? These are pressing questions, y'all.

You can watch Dead of Summer online right here at TV Fanatic to catch up on the mystery of Camp Stillwater.

Barney Rubble Eyes Review

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