The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 7 Review: In the Dark

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Graciously accepting help from a notorious war criminal who has committed atrocious acts towards celebrated American naval officers, while grief also pulls the leader of the free away even further away from his duties, is a concept that's understandably unfathomable to many government officials and civilians

But Tom compellingly proves yet again that he grippingly possesses both the intelligence and emotions to serve as the U.S.'s Chief of Naval Operations during the powerful political events and revelations that unfold during The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 7.

After Tom and his colleagues safely secure Takehaya , the latest perceived threat to their country, in a solitary room aboard the Nathan James, the pirate enthrallingly proves his growing desire to make amends for his heinous crimes against Mike and his team.

After Tom tells Takehaya he'll be charged as a war criminal once they reach America, and the pirate later witnesses the birth of his son aboard the ship, he slowly, but compellingly, realizes how he proceeds next will affect the rest of his life.

Good, you're alive, thanks to the people you tortured.


So when the Nathan James picks up the signals of an approaching Chinese fleet that will likely attack the American naval officers, Takehaya stunningly offers to help Tom, Mike and the rest of their team.

While the remaining officers are understandably upset and confused at first over why their leaders would accept their latest enemy's help, Takehaya surprisingly proves his determination to help save the ship and its crew.

Since the American officers aren't as familiar with the Asian waters as the pirate is, and are at times questioning how they'll survive the potential attack, Takehaya offers to lead them out of enemy waters.

As soon as the sun rises, we'll be completely exposed.


The pirate also informs the officers aboard the Nathan James that he's the only person on board who can navigate the minefield they're situated over, as he's the person who designed it.

Much to everyone's surprise, Takehaya safely leads the Nathan James out of the minefield and away from the potential danger the approaching Chinese fleet can unleash on the American ship.

As a result of Takehaya's surprising actions, it will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes of The Last Ship Season 3 if Tom and Mike will ask for leniency for the pirate and his family, particularly his new son.

While the war criminal helps the Nathan James evade its overwhelming threat from the Chinese fleet, President Michener is feeling the pressure of being distanced even further from the White House and the American public.

After Jacob tapes his interview with the man who's serving prison time for being responsible for Dr. Scott's death, and shows the recording to the commander-in-chief and his team, the guilt the president feels over his previous actions begins to truly affect him.

You believe that you're responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.


The news reporter stunningly questions President Michener over whether he feels responsible for thousands of innocent civilians being infected with the virus during its initial outbreak.

The top American leader then grippingly makes an emotional speech to the American public. He admits that he brought his son, who was unknowingly infected, to a safe zone in Florida, where the illness then quickly spread through the south.

After Takehaya captivatingly helps guide the Nathan James out of hostile enemy water, and the command-in-chief made his gripping speech, Tom is cleared to take a call from St. Louis. He informs President Michener's staff that the crew aboard the ship has secured Takehaya and is now safely headed back to America.

Kara then tries to deliver the news to President Michener, but isn't immediately granted access to his room. As the Deputy Chief of Staff, Kara informs the guards she's giving them a direct order to let her in to see the commander-in-chief.

When the guards finally relent and open the doors to let Kara in, the episode shockingly ends with them discovering that the president has committed suicide.

President Michener's surprising and unpredictable death will surely not only leave a distressing feeling in many viewers, but also a daunting irrevocable effect on the emotions of his staff and the entire world.

Preserving the leader's legacy, while also striving to continue to protect the lives of all Americans, will be an essential theme throughout the rest of The Last Ship's current third season.

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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Good, you're alive, thanks to the people you tortured.


You believe that you're responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.