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Tom tells Takehaya he'll be charged as a war criminal once they reach America.

Tom learns that Takehaya and his wife both have the cure in their systems, but it isn't helping them heal.

When the Nathan James then picks up signals of a Chinese fleet, Tom orders the ship to go dark.

Tom and Mike question Takehaya why the cure didn't work on him. Takehaya feels responsible for the cure not working in Asia, as he was one of the people in charge of distributing it.

Jacob meets with President Michener, and notes he believes he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people after the virus first broke out.

President Michener makes a speech to apologize for taking his son from an infected area to the uninfected Florida.

Mike takes Takehaya in to see his wife when she goes into labor. Tom suggests they give his son the cure, and Takehaya agrees.

Tom, Mike, Sasha and Andrea discuss how the Nathan James will become exposed to the Chinese fleet once the sun rises. Tom suggests that they hit the enemy ships once they get closer, but Sasha notes there isn't any guarantee the Nathan James won't be hit back. Mike declares that if that happens, they'll sink them all.

Takehaya realizes the Americans' plan, and offers a better idea, much to the dismay of the crew. Takehaya assures the officers he designed the minefield they're sailing over, and will be able to clear the minefield.

Takehaya reveals he was working with a smuggler to locate Mike and his team. The smuggler is the man Tom gave his watch to in the episode, Shanzha.

When Kara enters President Michener's room to tell him Takehaya is aboard the Nathan James, she discovers he has committed suicide.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Good, you're alive, thanks to the people you tortured.


You believe that you're responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.