The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Sea Change

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The untimely death of a seemingly heroic leader like President Michener is a tragedy that was supposed to bring not only the mourners in American together, but all of those who are grieving around the world.

However, the news unfortunately proved once again how supposed allies are willing to quickly betray each other in times of despair.

Kara is unsurprisingly the main White House staff member who's having trouble accepting President Michener's death on The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 8.

As Tom's aide in the White House, Kara was the person who made the harrowing discovery of the commander-in-chief's suicide.

In the change of power that follows President Michener's death, Kara is horrified that some of his supporters, especially Allison, want to overturn his policies.

After the Chief of Staff admits to Kara that she had a personal relationship with him, Allison's bitterness over his suicide leads her to challenge his programs.

After Vice President Howard Oliver is sworn in as President Michener's successor, the new leader is eager to appease the regional leaders. Surprisingly, he agrees with their disdain over the former leader's management and rulings.

To Kara's confusion, Allison suddenly appears to care more about maintaining her position of power in the new administration than the welfare of the American public. So the Chief of Staff expresses her support of the new president's decisions.

President Michener isn't here. He took the easy way out. So if they sit in that office and reverse every decision he made as president, there's nobody to blame but him.


Meanwhile, assumed enemies are still discovering that they actually have the same goals and fears. While Takahay is still considered to be a war criminal while he's aboard the Nathan James, Tom, Mike and the rest of the stunned ship's crew are starting to accept the pirate's rationale behind his actions.

As Tom visits Doc Rios, the Nathan James' Chief Medical Officer, in his lab aboard the ship, he informs the Chief of Naval Operations that he found an image of the cure from Dr. Scott's notes. He also notes that he virus in Takehaya and his wife's blood looks different from the one in Dr. Scott's files, which means there may be a new mutation.

Tom worries that everyone on the ship who has come into contact with Takehaya may be infected by the new mutation. But Doc Rios reassures him by pointing out that none of the hostages are infected. The doctor also consoles Tom by insisting that those who have the cure are immune to the mutation.

Everyone aboard this ship who's come into contact with Takehaya may be infected.


Both Tom and Takehaya's disappointment and anger over the new mutation unite the former enemies in their resentment that President Peng is using the cure to his advantage. In their united quest to stop the Chinese leader, they locate Wu Ming, the pirate's accomplice, near Shanzhai, which has been bombed.

Wu Ming: It's you who got everyone in Shanzhai killed.
Tom: I didn't start this. You and Peng did.

As they interrogate Wu Ming, Tom, Sasha and their crew discover that President Peng is using missiles to make the cure ineffective.

His callous decision to betray his supposed allies assures him that those who posses the virus in his region will die.

The Chief of Naval Operations' anger over President Peng's actions is rightfully presented after the Chinese leader initially expressed his supposed sorrow over President Michener's death during a televisied speech.

Tom then informs Sasha and Mike that he's prepared to stop President Peng himself. But his fellow naval officers warn him not to make rash decisions.

We can't just assassinate a foreign leader without consulting with the commander-in-chief.


Tom and Kara are just two of the domineering and fearless American leaders who are determined to protect the integrity and safety of their country. The tactics the officers take, including forming unpredictable alliances and severing toxic bonds, will be an intriguing prospect to explore throughout the remainder of The Last Ship Season 3.

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Sea Change Review

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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Wu Ming: It's you who got everyone in Shanzhai killed.
Tom: I didn't start this. You and Peng did.

We can't just assassinate a foreign leader without consulting with the commander-in-chief.