The Young and the Restless Recap: The End of the Affair?

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The wheels kept on turning this week on The Young and the Restless.

Victor went from the courtroom to the board room (not really, it just sounds good) as he was released after the entire family testified on his behalf. But it's already come back to bite some of them in the behind. As if we didn't see that coming.

Chloe made her presence known all over town, and with only one really awful reaction to Adam's imprisonment, nobody seemed to tie her return to his misfortune. No, we don't expect that to last.

Let's dig into all of that and the rest of the dirt out of Genoa City!

Master Manipulator - The Young and the Restless

Phyllis had a very bad week. At least if you were Phyllis. For viewers, I'm not so sure. It depends upon where you fall on the issues. And let's be real, her issues are as hotly debated as the 2016 presidential election.

Victor's "appeal," if we can even call it that, consisted of his family recanting on being mad at daddy and Phyllis continuing to hold him accountable for bringing Jack's doppelganger into her life, in which the madman effectively raped her for a series of months while Victor smiled smugly.

After looking on in absolute horror, finally realizing that, hey, Phyllis was really hurt by that guy who looked like me, Jack testified against Victor's character, as well. 

But it all came down to Meredith. The judge was her daddy, and like any good father, the dude wanted to ensure his girl would never come into contact with Victor Newman again. Plus, Alicia Coppola was cast on Shameless. So, things had to happen.

Phyllis took testifying really hard, and his release even harder. She ran into Billy's arms. She didn't think Jack could ever understand her. She and Billy happily made plans for their future, including breaking the news of a divorce the next day.

Except Jill, who has absolutely no boundaries when it comes to her adult son, and for some unknown reason wanted to see him atop what she believed to be an anonymous woman (which is gross on so many levels for any mother, let's be real), found Phyllis and Billy in bed. 

They weren't actively making love, thank God, but were whispering sweet nothings and making plans for their future. A future Jill wasn't about to let happen, because nobody knows what is right for Billy except Jill. Duh.

Insert the heaviest of sighs here.

Cue the moment where Jill decides not to address her grown son, because it's so much easier to manipulate him behind his back. She instead hid in Phyllis' room at the GCAC (after breaking in) and said her life and Billy's would be ruined if anyone ever found out about their affair. There is no happy ending for them. Period, end of story.

And if Phyllis tried to achieve said happy ending, well, well, Jill would just force that ending down her throat before she was ready. Or something. Even Phyllis called Jill out on the implausibility of using outing the affair as punishment for not taking their affair public, but hey, it is what it is in soapland.

Phyllis broke Billy's little pea-picking heart, and he had no idea why. None.

Brash n Sassy - The Young and the Restless

Meanwhile, a clueless Cane scored great office space for Brash and Sassy. Down on the second floor of the Jabot building. Jill didn't think this whole thing through. Jack and Billy see no reason to worry about stealing formulas from each other. They're over that.

For Billy and Phyllis, though, sharing an elevator is going to be very hot hard. I can't help it. I'm still rooting for them. Even if it's wrong. If loving them is wrong, I don't wanna be right. 

There is still more to come from Jill, though. Because she's been eavesdropping elsewhere. She knows the Newman kids are getting the (expected) short end of the Newman Enterprises stick.

In a move that was a surprise to no one anywhere, Papa Newman took his CEO chair back at the company, shoved all memories of Victoria out of the way and bought vacations for Nick and Vic2 to go on with their entire families. That way, he can prep his adoring Summer to grampa grampa her way into the family business.

He still doesn't trust Luca, but he trusts Summer just fine. That makes little sense, since she has terrible taste in men (himself included), but whatever. We knew it was coming. Doesn't she have a recurring role on a primetime sitcom now? I'd like to see less of her.

But it will be a lot easier for grampa to pull the wool over Summer's eyes, and he has some wool pulling to do. Chloe isn't playing the game as Victor likes. She's not handing over the journal pages to free Adam. Victor looks a bit like an animal to his son, and it's not making him feel like a hero.

Chloe, meanwhile, has gone all over town reintroducing herself and sharing knowledge of her daughter, Bella. If the flashback was right, she used Billy's sperm to get her (and the name is practically a female Billy), but Kevin wants a paternity test, poor guy.

Jill, of course, has no plans in her Billy bag to accommodate Chloe and a new grandchild, so it will be interesting to see where that falls.

Hysterical - The Young and the Restless

And while Chloe tried to act as normal as possible, telling everyone she was very well, thank you, all healed, the closest she probably came to reality was when she cracked in front of Chelsea. Her hysterical laughter was difficult to take. I'm surprised it didn't trigger the truth in Chelsea.

Previews say Chloe's return won't slip by Adam, and he'll want his wife to get closer to the lunatic to find out what she knows about working with Victor. 

I really hope they didn't bring her back to be a love interest for Billy, but they did have them getting along fairly well when they chatted. If Jill has anything to say about it, though, Billy and Victoria will soon be in each other's arms again.

She asked Victoria to return to Brash and Sassy to "lead" the company. Exactly how many leaders does one company with no employees need? Four, apparently, is the lucky number. Talk about butting heads. Four people who don't get along all trying to make decisions.

Yes! That's the way to corporate success.

Outside of all of this drama, there was a storyline featuring Abby and Ben that was really very sweet. They're finally showing more of Abby processing the loss of her baby and wanting to make her marriage work. 

Seeing them acting like a couple and working things out is a welcome change to just furrowing their brows at each other. And the scene when Abby opened all of her shower gifts was very compelling.

Who's Your Daddy - The Young and the Restless

Finally, I have to give kudos, again, to Mal Young. I am so happy to see the additional sets being created and used. Abby and Ashley at home, in a new bedroom. Smashing. Chloe in a motel? Fantastic!! We're back in the Newman house again. 

Does that mean he understands the importance of characters' personal lives as much as their lives out and about town? I sure hope so. While it's great to see everyone meet up for coffee, it's the intimate moments like the one between Ashley and Abby that really carry weight for character development.

I've missed that. Have you? Are you happy to see it again? And are you noticing how more and more characters are in scenes? I'd love to hear from you!

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