Stranger Things: Renewed for Season 2!

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Stranger Things is coming back for Season 2!

The mystery drama will return to Netflix for a new run of episodes in 2017.

There was no doubt the series would return after the stellar freshman run. 

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Most of the storylines were tied up at the end of the season, but we were left with the notion that something wasn't quite right with Will Byers. 

In a shocking turn of events, his mother managed to save him, but there were some rather strange things going on with him. 

It was a little obvious the show wouldn't end there. The whole Christmas backdrop was great, but the twist with Will intrigued fans enough to want a second season. 

We also didn't get justice for Barb, so there's that. 

Of the second season, we're hearing that it will pick up around one year after the first season. 

We have no idea whether Millie Bobby Brown will be returning as Eleven. 

Her character was practically blown to smithereens to save everyone from the evil in town. 

Considering she was the breakout actress in the whole thing, it would be silly to not find something for her to do in the new season. 

The new run of episodes will be slightly longer. We're getting nine episodes, as opposed to eight. 

The small order for Season 1 eliminated a lot of filler and it made for a more concise story that you had to pay attention to. 

There was always something going on.

For Stranger Things Season 2, the series would venture outside the walls of Hawkins. 

It's difficult what to make of that because it might mean significantly less screen time for our favorite characters. 

The show just would not be what it is without the current crop of actors. 

The Duffer Brothers were sure to ensure that every single person who were actors were pretty great. 

The strange thing is that most of them were pretty unknown to the masses. 

Now, they're pretty well known. 

What do you think about the renewal?

Will you be watching Season 2?

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