Suits Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Trust

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Mike Ross is in quite the pickle. 

On Suits Season 6 Episode 5 we got closer than ever to finding out exactly what Kevin's big crime was. It sounds like it was a bad judgment call on his part. 

I'm not yet fully on board with Kevin. I keep expecting something to happen that would paint him in a bad light. I'm still waiting for that to happen. 

Getting Close to Kevin - Suits

It was surprising Mike came clean to the warden about Harvey's plan. With everything going on inside, it would have made more sense to keep quiet about what's about to go down. 

The warden did have a point that Mike was about to double cross the same person whose life he was trying to save just a few weeks ago. 

Did anyone else get scared for Mike when Kevin found out Mike wasn't really in the medical wing? It's not surprising Kevin was annoyed with Mike, but he would probably blab about Mike if the tables were turned. 

Why wouldn't you want to get back to your family sooner? You'd think you would take any opportunity you can get.

There's a good chance Mike will change his final decision and stop using Kevin as a get out of jail free card. For all we know, Kevin could be more wicked than Frank Gallo. 

Something just doesn't add up with him. The sooner Mike is out of the slammer, the better. 

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It was intriguing that Frank's application for parole hit a snag, but it made me think Mike was just using it to buy himself safety. While I was glad Frank's application was initially rejected, it was great to have Harvey as his attorney. 

Frank may have a way with words, but he's no match for Harvey. Harvey verbally tore him down, and it was the first time Frank really looked frightened. 

Harvey really hates Frank, so watching Frank squirm for help will make Harvey feel very good. Add in the fact Frank has threatened Mike and Rachel, and you've got one pissed off Harvey. 

I'm really not enjoying the character of Sean. Neal McDonough was so freaking annoying as Damien Dahrk on Arrow that I just can't watch anything he's in. 

Elsewhere, Rachel got a shock when her Professor called her to inform her she couldn't take on Leonard's case. Her reaction was totally understandable, and she deserves praise for having the guts to tell Leonard to his face. 

That was no easy task, but it was better than a phone call, right?!

The good thing about Rachel is she fights for what she believes in, so it was true to her character to try find a way to save Leonard. 

I never for one minute thought Jessica would step in to help, but her comment about Pearson Specter Litt being in the news was a great thought. 

Helping Leonard will have much more positives than negatives, and it should go some way toward bringing the firm back from the brink of destruction. 

The weak part of the hour was Louis going all out to get a summer home in the Hamptons. After offering Tara the job on Suits Season 6 Episode 4, I had no idea he didn't even have a house. 

This shows just how far one man will go for love. He doesn't even know if Tara's into him, so this could be one expensive mistake. There's also the possibility she could run for the hills when she realizes just how desperate Louis is. 

Donna's zingers were on top form. I just wish they didn't all stem from this ludicrous plot with Louis. 

"Trust" was a decent episode of this USA Network drama. I'm excited to find out what will become of the prison storyline now that Mike has been given some food for thought. 

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Note: Suits Season 6 Episode 6 airs Wednesday August 17 at 9/8C on USA 

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Trust Review

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