DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Out of Time

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It's been tossed around that DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 1 could be looked at as a bit of a series restart instead of a second season premiere.

That's all well and good in for newbies just getting acquainted with the series, but for those of us who have already been through a season, this was repetitive and not nearly as entertaining as it could have (should have) been.

Welcome! - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 1

So what did the premiere do well? At least one thing.

The introduction of Nate Heywood felt natural to the story that was being told. It's pretty easy to imagine the Legends would somehow get into a predicament that would leave them stranded in time and in need of rescue. 

Right off the bat, we learned Nate is no dummy. He went to Oliver because he knew Sara and Ray were friends of his (and/or the Green Arrow's) and when Oliver started to protest, Nate pointed out the obvious. It didn't take a time historian to realize that it was only one week after his arrival back in town when Robin Hood appeared.

It's not always easy to bring a new character into an already established group, and that as easily one of the most difficult things about DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1. The entire season revolved around Hawkgirl and there wasn't much to like about the character. The one thing there was – her ability to fly – was barely used.

The same can be said for Rip Hunter, poor guy. He was a bit self-centered, and the rules he set before the team he brought aboard the Waverider didn't apply to himself. That turned near the end of the season, and by the time the Waverider was smashing into an A-Bomb, he was leaving them a heartfelt goodbye message.

Although it was funny when he scattered all the Legends through time except Mick. "I knew you never liked me," Mick said. Now we don't know if Rip is out there somewhere without a way to be tracked or if he's somehow dead without remains.

I'm not sure I care.

The final premiere adjustment was the new big-bad, which included Damien Darhk as the first man up in the Legion of Doom. He didn't seem all that menacing, and his introduction led us to the entertaining Einstein and crediting Mrs. Einstein. Reverse Flash made a quick appearance and others will be added as the season progresses.

It's still hard for me to believe Eobard Thawne is the same guy we knew as Harrison Wells throughout The Flash Season 1. In this incarnation he's not recognizable by personality AT ALL. The same will be said of Leonard Snart when he joins as Captain Cold. That one will really sting. Viewers who only have watched Legends should be in for a shock.

So if anything, we know the show has discovered the importance of enmeshing new characters into the group in a natural way. I'm not worried about the incoming new characters. Vixen should fit right in, for example. 

But outside of Mick's always perfect quips and attitude, we spent a lot of time introducing the cast again and picking them up for what almost felt like the first time.

As fun as it was seeing Ray running from dinosaurs, I'm questioning whether Sara has been reduced to a horny schoolgirl who thinks of nothing but sex. She got it on with the Queen of France and was apparently being burned at the stake in Salem because of her sexual antics with the women of that town. Really? She's better than that.

Although it was appreciated she hadn't forgotten what happened to Laurel and was still out for vengeance. Maybe sex was her way of coping with the loss of her sister. 

And, sure, it was funny seeing Stein and Jax reduced to playing wizards for some young ruler of 831 England, but I'm crying foul on the cell phone running as long as they've been gone. My battery dies in less than a day if I leave the screen on. Jax was using the screen as a part of his wizardry. Have they learned how to make their fingers into USB connections so their power charges their phone?

I shouldn't have been paying attention to that stuff, but I wasn't fully entertained to the point that I could overlook it. And that is my point. When it's a balls out frolicking good time, I can overlook anything. 

My attitude is that I want to wowed by a season premiere. This one might have wowed new viewers (Hello! Welcome, there is much for you to enjoy, promise), but for the rest of us, we have to wait for the reset to finish.

Which type of viewer are you? Are you a long-term viewer or a newbie? Did you enjoy the premiere? What about the addition of Nate Heywood? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

If you want to go back and revisit the first season, you can watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online any time right here via TV Fanatic.

Out of Time Review

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