Empire Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Cupid Kills

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Love hurts, and people can act crazy from it.

Shyne is playing hardball with Lucious, and I for one was thrilled that there is going to be competition. On Empire Season 3 Episode 4 Shyne decided to have an all out bidding war for Nessa's contract, instead of having Empire sign her immediately.

Lucious Takes Notice - Empire

Lucious wasn't too happy to see everyone from the different record labels all in one room together. Shyne, like Lucious, is all about business, and yes, it should be about business, but it should also be about the music. 

I'm glad that Jamal went to see Freda. He needed to see her to help cope with his feelings about the shooting. I did not see Lucious being behind Freda's beating. Freda is now backed into a corner, because the price she paid for her freedom wasn't pretty. 

Freda will never be able to tell anyone what Lucious did to her father, because she is not a credible source, especially with the forged documents from the doctor. 

Be careful son, you're in the system now.


Tarahji P. Henson is gorgeous. The scenes where she was changing outfits for the charity event that Angelo invited her to were very fun and light. I love her relationship with Porsha and how it has evolved over the past three seasons.

The scenes at the opera were so well-done. I was so moved by the woman singing, but couldn't help letting out a laugh when Cookie stood up clapping. 

Was anyone else disappointed when we didn't get a cat-fight? I was hoping that Cookie would kick some ass after those two supposed grown women were talking shit in the bathroom.

I loved Jamal's conversation with Angelo. It needed to happen, because Angelo has been trying to fit Cookie into this mold of a women that he wants her to be. Angelo can't change Cookie, so he should learn to embrace her and be part of her world instead of trying to fit her into his. 

What are you do slithering around here? Air Hustling?


Isn't this Nessa's record deal? So why isn't it up to her when it comes to signing with a label, or how much money she is going to get in the record deal?

Shyne says that he wants what's best for Nessa but he isn't listening to her. The chemistry between Andre and Nessa is undeniable. I was surprised when they got as close as they did that fast. I thought we would have gotten a slow build, but I think this was more about Andre dealing with the loss of Rhonda then forming a connection.

I squealed when Lucious and Andre were beating Shyne to a pulp. Is it bad that I wished Lucious pulled the trigger anyway after Shyne signed the contract? I wouldn't miss this character. 

Being at Freda's hearing might have been what Jamal needed to feel like himself again. No good comes from being involved with Empire. Jamal's speech was like ending the cycle of bad deeds that he has been desperately trying to do. 

If I had your musical talent, I'd already own Empire.


Tiana's performance was spectacular! From the opera singer to her on stage dancing. It was the perfect mix of classical and modern. 

Is Angelo supposed to feel threatened by Lucious? Cookie is her own person, and Lucious has to realize that he can't control everyone! 

Unlike previous installments the flashbacks served a purpose tonight! They shaped who Lucious and Cookie are as people today. I think that we need to meet Cookie's dad in the present day. He seems like someone who can put Lucious in his place. 

The music was full force! I like that this installment was more focused on the music instead of the FBI, or Tariq and how he is going to take down Lucious. 

He ain't Lucious, but I bet you he know's how to turn up.


Other thoughts or Questions:

  • The clothes that these characters wear are flawless. Seriously! I need a designer like the one who works for this show. 
  • Are you guys intrigued by the war that Shyne is starting?
  • Should Nessa and Andre be a thing?
  • I loved that Hakeem's screen-time was limited. How about you guys?
  • I'm so intrigued by Angelo and want to know more! Do you guys feel the same?
  • Jamal needs to stop popping pills. It is only going to end badly. 

Sound off in the comments. I want to hear what you guys think and whether or not you agree with what I have to say. Remember you can watch Empire online here at TV Fanatic if you missed the episode or want to watch it again. 

Cupid Kills Review

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Empire Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Be careful son, you're in the system now.


He ain't Lucious, but I bet you he know's how to turn up.