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Lucious goes to sign Nessa to Empire, but now there is going to be a bidding war with Empire and other labels. 

Jamal goes to see Freda in order to help with his PTSD.

Angelo asks Cookie out on a date to a fancy opera. 

Andre and Hakeem team up to get Nessa signed to Empire. 

Shyne comes into Lucious office angry about the way Andre dealt with Nessa's contract. 

Andre and Lucious beat Shyne to a pulp and force him to sign Nessa to Empire. 

Cookie overhears two women talking about her in the bathroom, and almost starts a good ol' fashion bathroom cat-fight. 

Jamal goes to Freda's hearing, and speaks good things on her behalf to get her released on bail. 

Lucious was behind Freda getting beaten up in Jail. He wanted to make sure that she was never going to tell anyone what really happened to her father. 

Jamal is still abusing prescription pain killers to deal with the PTSD.

Nessa and Andre start making out. Rhonda's ghost appears and is encouraging him to sleep with Nessa. 

Shyne is out for Lucious blood after what happened to him inside his office. 

Lucious makes a statement to Angelo that Cookie always finds her way back to him. Meaning that it doesn't matter what guy Cookie is dating she will always be with him.

Cookie's dad! We need to meet him like soon!. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Be careful son, you're in the system now.


He ain't Lucious, but I bet you he know's how to turn up.