Quarry Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Coffee Blues

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Mac's switch got flipped on this hour, but it wasn't Joni that did the flipping.

Quarry Season 1 Episode 5 was another powerful roller coaster ride as we saw two very different worlds swirl around each other.

A Walk Through the Woods - Quarry Season 1 Episode 5

It's sort of scary that The Broker knows Mac better than his own wife. He took a special interest in Mac right from the beginning, and now it seems as if The Broker might actually think of Mac like a son.

Okay, maybe that's taking it a little too far, but The Broker sure did know how to loosen Mac's chains.

I don't know about anybody else, but that car ride was a little intense. I didn't necessarily think that The Broker was going to kill him, because otherwise there wouldn't be a show, but beating him to a pulp wasn't out of the question.

Why else would you take a guy for a ride in the middle of the night down a long,abandoned road lined with creepy (Cypress?) trees that look like they came straight out of a horror movie? 

The Mask - Quarry Season 1 Episode 5

When Mac starting chattering nervously about The Broker not having to worry about Joni knowing anything, I thought Mac was done for, because there's nothing worse than guilt taking over your mouth. And he was warned by Karl that it was better she not know anything.

So, it was somewhat surprising when they pulled into a makeshift parking lot and walked into a world that was so far removed from reality it was almost surreal. And, even though the initial threat was diminished when they walked into this other world (juke joint?), Mac really didn't loosen up until after he made that bet at the roulette table.

This trip was almost like a military R&R considering all the heavy duty that Mac had endured at the hands of Suggs, yet it was also a test to see if Mac's head was still in the game. 

Mac didn't hesitate for a moment to knock that guy around at the poker table, and I loved how the The Broker just got up and walked away. He knew right then and there Mac was still his. Mac told Joni on Quarry Season 1 Episode 4 that he needed to do something to feel like he was alive, and it seems he finally found it with The Broker.

The Broker: Don't know what I loved more: the look on his face when you hit him with the glass, or the look on yours when you threw him on that table.

But, there's something a little off about everything. The Broker told Quarry that Suggs raped a 13-year-old girl and that's why he was killed. I still get the feeling that The Broker and Suggs knew each other, but maybe there's something deeper. Maybe The Broker only gets rid of people who are truly doing a disservice to mankind. 

The Elvis wannabe that The Broker wanted Quarry to kill might be another human stain the world would be better off without. Although, The Broker seemed to be only joking with Quarry about killing the guy, I think maybe he just didn't want to ruin the happy mood he'd established.  

If the guy wasn't a target, then Karl wouldn't have made an appearance. And, we know from the little bit of conversation we heard that the guy was involved somehow in the bus incident. Which brings me back to The Broker actually only getting rid of people who are doing a disservice to mankind. 

Think about it. Makes all this killing not seem so bad, right?

Even though Mac and Joni made strides in reconnecting at the beginning of the hour, by the end of the hour, it was The Broker and Mac who had made the real connection. After all, would he have put butter in his coffee if Joni had done it?

The juke joint experience was a stark contrast to what had happened back home in the real world. The bus incident was disturbing to watch. It evoked all sorts of emotions: anger, fear, and embarrassment that someone could be that ignorant and cruel.

Now, all you little niglets listen up and you listen good. Tell your nigger mommas and your nigger daddies ain't gonna be no invadin' of our schools by a bunch of jigaboos. Ya'll understand me?


Those stupid white men outside blocking the bus really had no balls to begin with, because who goes after a bunch of little kids to spread a message of hate? The majority of them knew they were being stupid, because they wanted Eugene to hurry up and get off the bus before the cops got there, but Eugene wanted to show that he had bigger balls by beating a defenseless child.

I really hope Moses has his way with that guy, because he deserves every piece of pain Moses will throw at him. 

Moses and Ruth seem to making a connection, and I'm wondering if there's a romance blooming. It would be nice for Ruth to have someone, but Moses probably isn't the right kind of guy, and I would hope he'd realize he be doing her more harm than good. 

She survived Arthur being gone for two tours of duty, raised the kids alone, and while it was difficult, the fact is she did survive. She's a strong woman, and an even better mom. I give her kudos for being so calm when Marcus went off, as I'm not sure under the same circumstances I would have been able to maintain my cool.

I wasn't particularly fond of Joni digging through Arthur's things to try to find the money when she was supposed to be there to help out. She had a lot of balls to continue even after Marcus busted her. I was surprised Marcus didn't say anything to his mom about it, but I'm sure there's still time for that. 

And then stupid Joni will have added one more person to this merry-go-round of horror. Good going, Mac.

Other Thoughts:

  • Mac was in his own horror movie when he walked into the dark house looking for The Broker. A non-working phone, a spooky doll, and his own nightmare when he came across The Broker talking to those Vietnamese men. The mask came to life this time around, and it scared him enough to send him stumbling backwards. It was far different than him seeing it floating in the pool, though water was still involved as it was the pan of dripping water that started this PTSD episode.
  • The details this show goes to to bring authenticity is amazing. I especially enjoyed watching the newscaster read off of paper. .
  • I loved the blues guy at the juke joint. Where can I buy a cd?
  • Lloyd is a jackass. How could he think $100 would be okay when his son asked for four grand?

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Coffee Blues Review

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Quarry Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't think anyone could accuse you of not being there for them.


Lloyd; What in th ehell have you gotten yourself mixed up on that you need four thousand dollars.