The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 6 Review: The Fetal Kick Catalyst

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Howard freaking out about baby preparations might be my favorite thing ever.

On The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 6, Howard feels the baby kick, and suddenly things seem very real.

So real, in fact, that he realizes that he and Bernadette are woefully unprepared for the arrival of the new baby.

Howard is Stressed - The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 6

His panic is actually kind of endearing. Let's not forget the Howard we knew in early seasons. He was definitely a lot less likeable, and his relationship with Bernadette, along with a little maturity (a little) has softened him.

It's sweet that he goes out and buys all kinds of things for the baby, though it's also a little shortsighted that he doesn't include Bernadette in those decisions.

Nonetheless, it comes from a good place, and I think Bernadette would be more than okay with not having to go shopping for baby supplies.

Of course, his big purchase is a MINI VAN. Just a little overboard there, Howard. 

Meanwhile, Penny has been invited to go to small scale Comic-Con to sign autographs, and Leonard encourages her to do it. He goes with her to support her, and he's pretty darn proud of his change maker. 

Leonard and Penny Make Plans - The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 6

I've been dying for more stories like this for a while now, just anything to show Leonard and Penny's relationship dynamics.

It's a little heartbreaking that Penny's fans aren't actually fans, but I love that Leonard finds his place in the spotlight as nerds gather around to hear the story of how he landed Penny.

Now, I usually complain when we're given this many storylines to follow in one thirty minute episode, because I feel it leaves all of them short-changed. I do feel that way watching "The Fetal Kick Catalyst," but that doesn't mean each storyline doesn't have merit. 

What I like the most about what's happening with Sheldon and Amy is Sheldon's continued progress.

He makes a compromise with Amy and hosts a "practice brunch" where, of course, he spends 15 minutes getting up the nerve to open a champagne bottle for mimosas.

If I'm being honest, opening champagne bottles makes me nervous, too. 

The brunch includes Stuart, who is rightfully insulted when he realizes he's there as a guinea pig. Good for Stuart for sticking up for himself. 

Bert is becoming one of my favorite guests on the show, by the way, and I wouldn't be mad at seeing more of the neighbor, either. Her use of television quotes and phrases in place of proper English is pretty hilarious.

The funniest moment is at the end when Sheldon and Stuart make amends and then get drunk off their mimosas. 

Sheldon: Do you know what else I love about you? Your handwriting is impeccable!
Stuart: Thank you for noticing!
Sheldon: I mean it. I mean, it's like you have the soul of a label-maker.

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The Fetal Kick Catalyst Review

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