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Penny gets invited to sign autographs at a small Comic-Con, and Leonard encourages her to do it.

Meanwhile, Amy suggests that now that she and Sheldon are living together they should have people over.

Howard feels the baby kick while Bernadette is sleeping, and then suddenly freaks out and feels they are unprepared.

Sheldon surprises Amy by setting up a "practice brunch" where he's invited Stuart, Bert, and the downstairs neighbor.

At Comic-Con, Penny's fans love her, but think she's a pretty terrible actress. It doesn't seem to be going well until Leonard finds himself explaining to a bunch of nerds how he was able to land a woman like Penny. 

Howard's freak out causes him to go out and buy a whole bunch of baby stuff... and a mini-van. Bernadette isn't thrilled, but ends up driving it when Howard pulls his back, and eventually agrees to keep it.

At Sheldon and Amy's brunch, Sheldon takes about fifteen minutes to finally open a champagne bottle. The gathering seems pretty awkward, but it only gets worse when Sheldon blurts out that the brunch is a practice round, which insults Stuart. 

Fortunately, the two guys have a few more mimosas than they should, and wind up bonding.

The Big Bang Theory
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