Younger Season 3 Episode 2 Review: The Marshmallow Experiment

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"Things might have to change around here," seemed like pretty ominous words to Liza.

And in a way, they were. Despite things going very smoothly for Liza and Kelsey on Younger Season 3 Episode 2 with regard to Millennial Print and keeping Empirical alive, something tells me it's not going to last.

What did you say? Why do I always have to be such a bummer? Awww, come on. Isn't it kind of fun to imagine the ledge Liza's going to tumble over?

Holding Hands - Younger Season 3 Episode 2

The more I think about it, the more I realize part of the reason we're all watching Younger is to see Liza fall off that ledge. We're all holding our collective breath, and while we breathe a sigh of relief when she skirts the inevitable once more each week, it's impossible not to go back and look at new ways her secret may come out and hurt her.

It was pretty impressive to find out she and Josh hadn't jumped back into the sexual part of their relationship when they reunited and were taking it slow. Considering how messed up she was over where things stood with Charles, that was a solid way to handle welcoming Josh back into her life.

Even though she dragged out the marshmallow experiment as a way to keep Josh interested, Josh was definitely correct. He was the marshmallow. And if we were looking for more ways to add points into the #TeamJosh column, offering to help with Caitlin's college tuition earned him a full five ticks. 

Lookie Here! - Younger Season 3 Episode 2

After the dinner with Mr. Millennial Bryce, Charles would probably hand over about 15 ticks into Josh's win column, giving him a clear advantage. 

Liza was wondering what was up with Charles, and it was Empirical related. Well, it may have also been Liza related, but if Empirical was circling the drain, that was a good reason he was so distant so quickly.

If only he knew just how much of his company was riding on Liza Miller.

Camryn Manheim was back as Dr. Jane Wray and her book is hitting the streets. The chapter interesting people the most is, of course, the one focusing on Liza. Oprah won't have Jane on the show unless she totes along whoever Liza is in real life. Giving Liza a glimpse of how her "outing" will go across were the reactions of outing the person from that chapter.

Charles called her an opportunist, Kelsey a sociopath and Diana thought anyone who would shave more than one or two years off was just nuts. Liza made it clear that chapter girl would probably sue their asses. 

Yet coming out on national TV with Dr. Jane Wray at her side while raking in money for Empirical still seems like Liza's best chance at still maintaining some semblance of her life. 

Because she made quite the impression later on Bryce, too. And he was fooled by Liza's skin suit just as easily as everyone else, so what does age mean in the long run anyway??

Party Time - Younger

Bryce made it seem like it was super important. He didn't even want to consider Empirical because of the "olds" like Diana and Charles running the show. But he knows Kelsey and Diana "get it."  They'll even be able to create a picture book! That went right over my head. Where's the joke? This old needs a younger to explain.

To dot the Is and cross the Ts, we know at some point Bryce will discover Josh, whom he greatly admires, loved Liza in spite of her age and eventually because of it. This will all come together.

But at that strange party with water shots and bowls of cocaine, Kelsey also made a mistake I expect will aid in releasing Liza's secret. 

She decided to let go of that jerk Thad and deeznuts he thought were her favorite snacks (the jackass), but tossing a laptop into the water will likely be considered a challenge to Bryce and friends. If cracking the password was a one second pursuit, what will bringing to life a dead, waterlogged laptop mean?

That's got to happen, right? We saw the folder labeled "Liza Miller" and know it's just sitting there, ripe for the taking. Nothing dies that easily. Well, except Thad.

Congratulations - Younger Season 3 Episode 2

So the company was saved, essentially, by Kelsey and Liza. And that set up the reason Liza's secret has to come out, because everything hinges on Liza at the moment. There are so many avenues down which this story can roll at the moment.

Which do you want to see explored and which do you expect to be taken?

What did you think of Chad revealing he had sex with Kelsey years earlier? Was he being an insulting freak when he said he thought she loved him and knew, or do you think he really believed it?

Did anyone not tip in the scales toward #TeamJosh after watching "The Marshmallow Experiment"? Why not?? 

Start chatting, you guys, and watch Younger online if you have no idea what we're talking about. Get caught up!!

The Marshmallow Experiment Review

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Younger Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Kelsey: Oh. You speak Chinese?
Chad: Just a couple dialects of Mandarin.

Lauren: It's the least I can do since she's been twinned.
Maggie: Oh no, twinned is two girls on the same dildo.
Lauren: Really?