MacGyver Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Can Opener

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Millennial MacGyver starts to look more like his old (future?) self on MacGyver Season 1 Episode 7. In the strongest episode of the young series, Mac is mostly cut off from his support team, and his mission is more exciting because of it.

Mac goes undercover as an inmate, and for a split second before he enters the prison I thought we’d get to see a Prison-Break version of MacGyver, with a map, blueprints or relevant information inked all over his body.

A Prison Inmate - MacGyver

But I guess that’s not very MacGyver-y. He gets some useful info from ex-con Riley, but he’s an improviser at heart.

Mac’s alter ego “Frank Morris” looked seriously out of place in a maximum security prison in Texas. After picking a fight with a random inmate to prove to El Noche that he belongs, Mac tries to convince the drug lord that he can help him break out – for $2 million.

The escape timeline gets pushed up when a rival drug gang picks a fight with Mac and El Noche in the laundry room. Then Riley loses control of the prison computer system and inside man Jack is unable to bring Mac’s supplies.

Mac realizes he’s on his own at about the same time that El Noche becomes his new roomie.

Mac’s makeshift bomb using prison food, toilet water, a stolen battery and the overhead light was the best MacGyverism so far this season. After the initial blast, MacGyver admitted to El Noche that he didn't have a plan beyond getting out of the cell:

I'll think of something


They end up in the laundry room, where Mac does think of something and even tops his makeshift bomb trick by using a trash can, carbon dioxide and alcohol to remove the bars on the window. (what? I have to watch that scene a couple more times to see how he did that.)

I need you to do what I say and don't ask questions.


By the way, after watching this episode, I feel like it wouldn’t be that hard to break out of a maximum security prison. Well, at least it seems like the prison needs tighter security outside the prison walls. Was no one stationed outside? No sirens, floodlights or barking dogs? Have I seen too many movies?

While I enjoyed solo Mac in this episode, in fact my favorite part involved Jack as the prison guard – whether he was pretending to talk to his girlfriend on his phone during working hours, or believing he was a master hacker (funny stuff!), or fulfilling his favorite role – saving Mac’s life.

Let's see if you can Forrest Gump your way through this


Jack was able to play the hero at the end because Mac rigged the tail light to signal Jack’s number in Morse code to other motorists. Really? It just looked like grandpa left his turn signal on to me. But I guess once you see the code you can’t unsee it, and someone out there was able to notify Jack just in time.

What did you think of this episode? Has Mac made an enemy for life in El Noche?

El Noche: You may have my money, but you still haven't taken my friends.
Mac: I look forward to meeting those friends.

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Side Notes:

  • Did you catch the Ring of Fire before the Johnny Cash song?
  • Soooo happy this election is finally here so we don’t have to see any more political ads! 
  • Bozer is so close now!

Can Opener Review

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I'm ready to tell you how much I love your mustache."


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