Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Far Too Long

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A lot can change in just one day, which was the case on Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12. Once again, the characters on this show are so complex and nuanced that I’m torn between wanting to cheer for them and being horribly disappointed by their actions. 

Take Charley. I love how strong, smart, and independent she can be, but it makes me crazy when she becomes so focused on a task that she has complete tunnel vision to everyone and everything around her. 

Ralph Angel  - Queen Sugar

As Ralph Angel said in this Queen Sugar quote

She don't come up with the idea, she don't want to hear about it.

Ralph Angel

That was certainly the case here. Ralph Angel’s plan to lease refrigerated vehicles to get their harvest to the mill in St. James was creative and practical. This is a plan that can work with minimal outlay of funds, but Charley dismissed it completely because she was too preoccupied with her own, much grander strategy. 

Charley's plan is a long shot at best. This was the first time I really wondered if Charley and Remy have a future. If she can’t even remember when they're supposed to have their first date, what kind of priority will she make their relationship moving forward? Will Remy always have to take a back seat to Charley Bordelon West, CEO?

What was shocking was how far Charley was willing to go to prove she still had power to both buy the mill, and control Davis’ future.

Not that I thought Charley and Lena were actually friends, and it would have been one thing to play the recording for Lena so she could hear the truth, but to threaten to out the story to the world if she didn’t get what she wanted was something I hadn’t expected. 

If you don't convince Felix to play in New Orleans, a tape of Melina Galoudian retelling what your husband did to her that night will be on every gossip site you've ever heard of by tomorrow. I guarantee it will ruin the Knicks' deal, it'll ruin Felix career and if you're anything like me, it'll ruin your fairy tale.


Then she doubled down on the deceit by lying to Davis about Micah being in trouble. It was all a new low for Charley, and I wonder if playing that dirty will be worth it to her in the end.

Elsewhere, Ralph Angel took Charley’s dismissal personally, and I don’t blame him. The farm is supposed to be family run, but Charley believes only she is capable of making it a success. 

I never liked Darla more than when she reminded Ralph Angel how proud his father would have been of him, how proud she was of him, and that he knows all the work he’s done and that’s what matters. Any doubts I had about Ralph Angel and Darla being good for one another evaporated in that moment. 

Then there was Hollywood and Violet…

Ralph Angel: Maybe you played this all wrong.
Hollywood: I didn't play it right, that's for damn sure.

No, he didn’t. Hollywood should have told Violet that he had filed for divorce because a divorce takes time, no matter how expedited the surface.

And did Vi really throw that good homemade mac and cheese in the trash? That’s just wrong!

Now Hollywood and Violet are apart because neither of them took the time to talk to one another and be honest, and it’s a damn shame. I kept hoping that Hollywood would go and confront Vi about what he saw on the dance floor before he left, but that would have been too easy.

Now, I’m guessing that Ralph Angel will tell Vi about the divorce after Hollywood is gone and I’m not sure where that leaves them. 

Nova's On the Phone - Queen Sugar

Finally, there was Nova and Calvin. Apparently Nova’s words during the Q & A hit home for Calvin because he called in favors to get Too Sweet’s charges dropped. As wonderful as that was, I had to wonder why he hadn’t done that sooner. 

I still wish we knew more about Calvin and Nova’s history. It sounds like they’ve been together, on and off, for years, and I’d love to know the details. 

But I was proud of Nova when she told him that she wasn’t willing to be the other woman in his life again…

I can't handle being broken again. I miss you, but I can't share you anymore. I need to move on and you're not mine to have.


I found myself holding my breath after she said that, and sure enough Calvin responded that he had left his wife. 

I do hope Nova and Calvin have a future because a love story about a black activist and a while police detective has the potential for all kinds of complicated, intriguing drama, and I look forward to seeing that unfold. 

Do you agree about Nova and Calvin? Did you think Charley went too far? And whose plan is best to get the harvest to mill?

Check back on Monday too see what our Queen Sugar round table has to say, and then next week for my review of the Queen Sugar season finale!

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Far Too Long Review

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Charley: What do you think?
Remy: Too risky.
Charley: Well, good things usually are.

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