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Charley tries get the New Orleans Stingers to make Davis an offer, but they wonder if Charley still has the pull to make that deal and they want Felix along with Davis. Charley meets with Felix wife, Lena, who doesn’t know what really happened with Malina, other than they paid her off. Charley tells Lena she needs to convince Felix to sign with the Stingers or a recording of Malina retelling what Felix did to her will end up on all of the gossip sites and ruin his career. 

Remy asks Charley out on a date, but then she completely forgets and stands him up when she meets with Lena in New Orleans. 

Charley wants to buy an old mill but she needs Frank Grovner to invest half of the $9 million she’ll need to pay for it. 

Ralph Angel finds refrigerated trucks they can lease to move the cane to the mill in St. James, but Charley dismisses the idea in favor of her own plan. 

KiKi’s step-father wants to meet Micah now that they’re dating. 

Nova meets with Too Sweet’s public defender and finds out it could be years before his case goes to court because of a lack of money and manpower. 

Nova does a Q & A with Melissa Harris-Perry about a journalist working as activist. She sees Calvin in the audience. Calvin is so moved by what Nova has to see that he manages to get Too Sweet’s charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. He also tells her he’s left his wife. 

The girls at the High Yellow convince Violet to go out dancing. Boogie and Ralph Angel bring Hollywood, but when he sees Vi dancing with someone else, he leaves in a huff. The next morning, Hollywood moves out of Ralph Angel’s and leaves early for his job on the rig. He believes he doesn’t have a chance with Vi, so he won’t be coming back. 

With Hollywood gone, Ralph Angel asks Darla to stay the night. 


In order to get Davis to New Orleans to sign with the Stingers, Charley calls him and says that Micah is acting out and needs him, even though it isn’t true. 

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Charley: What do you think?
Remy: Too risky.
Charley: Well, good things usually are.

I paid $139 for expedited service. Where I come from, expedited means faster than your normal slow-ass service.