TV Fanatic Daily Feed: Homeland Teaser Trailer, Tyrant Lands on 24: Legacy & More

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Alright Showtime. Let's stop with the teases and give us a little something to chew on!

Homeland Season 6 premieres on January 15, but we've still seen nothing but a smattering of frenetic scenes to aid in guessing what will be happening during the time between when a new president is elected and they take office.

The place? New York City. Carrie is arguing with the CIA chief. She's vulnerable, so says Dar Adal. No, he is, Carrie assures him. This on plays more like a music video. Take a look:

The Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight, will be playing herself on an upcoming episode of Star, which has a special premiere on Fox December 14.


As the story will go, Gladys Knight is one of the character's music idol, and also the aunt of another, Danielle, who works in Carlotta's (Queen Latifah) salon.

When Danielle arranges for Ms. Knight to introduce the girls at the Taylor Brothers Hair Show, the girls are honored beyond belief.

In another casting announcement, one of the former Tyrant's will be making her way to 24: Legacy.


Moran Atias, who played Leila on Tyrant, will take on the mysterious role of Sidra,Tony Almeida’s strong, attractive and intense associate who instigates feelings of distrust between Tony and former Head of CTU Rebecca Ingram, played by Miranda Otto.

Like the other 24 series that came before it, limited series 24: Legacy will follow Corey Hawkins as a veteran racing against the clock to stop a terrorist attack on US soil. 

Although not a full 24 episodes, the series will follow the original real-time format.


In related news, Mariana Klavena will join former 24 star Kiefer Sutherland and her former Stalker co-star, Maggie Q, on Designated Survivor.

Designated Survivor follows the challenges facing new president Tom Kirkman after he steps into the oval office as a result of the entire congress being wiped out in a terrorist attack, leaving him as the man designated to take over under such circumstances.

Needless to say, his presidency is one of the most difficult anyone has ever had to face.

Klavena's role is a tad on the unusual side. She'll be the mysterious and calculating "Dark-Haired Woman" who is clandestinely operating with those who are behind the Capitol attack. 

And there's good news out there for musicians who have a talent for playing from sheet music if not exactly catching it with their ears only.

Feel free to share your band's video gettin' jiggy with Rebecca's tunes! 

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