Supernatural Round Table: A Lucifer Letdown

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Has Lucifer lost it?

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7 revealed the Prince of Darkness embracing the role of Vince Vincente, oh, and that he has no plan.

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi and The Winchester Family Business' Alice and Nightsky sound off about Lucifer, actor Rick Springfield, and whether they are even interested in the Lucifer storyline anymore.

So grab your tickets to the show and let's talk "Rock Never Dies" on the Supernatural Round Table!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: I liked the bit in the car, when Sam tried pretending that he was listening to a podcast about religion rather than hair rock. That was just a nice brother moment.

Nightsky: The very last shot of Sam as he turned away from the group and looked at the chaos Lucifer had caused. Sam had just told them that they were all responsible for the pain and death Lucifer was raining down on humanity.

I’m absolutely certain in that moment Sam was thinking about what he had to do to stop Lucifer years ago, and considering the impossible thought of doing it again. I don’t think the story will actually have Lucifer possess Sam again, but I believe both Sam and Lucifer are thinking about it, and that will lead to a Mary/Lucifer entanglement of some kind.

Alice: Honestly, any bit where Castiel and Crowley were together. I love that they're on this adventure together and Crowley is driving Castiel nuts with his constant talking. I'm waiting for the touching bonding moment between the two of them in a life or death situation. You know this must happen writers! I'll slip in a quote, too. Castiel's snarky reply to Dean about his attire in LA: "At least I don't look like a lumberjack."

Sean: I have to agree with Alice on this one. It was funny that Crowley was driving Castiel nuts with all his talking. And yes, that lumberjack line about Dean's attire was a good one.

What did you think of Lucifer's desires to reunite Vince's band and have a private show?

Christine: It felt like it went nowhere, and it came from nowhere. I think it all ties to what Crowley said to Lucifer: the people aren't there for Lucifer, they're there for Vince. They wouldn't do anything for Lucifer; they'd do it for Vince. So Lucifer used this entire Vince scenario to get people to bend to his will.

Nightsky: It made sense that Lucifer would want to feed his ego and be worshipped as a “god." The script emphasized his interest in his social media popularity, so I just attributed the band reunion to him enjoying being the center of attention. “Reunions” has been an ongoing theme of Supernatural Season 12, so the move also was a reminder of Mary’s “reunion” with her sons.

The “I’m going to kill everyone in the audience because it’s fun” is what came out of the blue and felt unsupported. I thought the concert itself came off as a B-horror movie scene, which was way below Supernatural’s usual standards.

Alice: A bit odd, don't you think? I get the point, Lucifer is bored and wants to be worshipped and all, but why didn't he kill the band first? So the doomed band member could send Castiel a text message before his neck is snapped? Yes, I’m focusing on the little things to avoid the elephant in the room, which was the blatant slap in the face to fans.

Sean: It just felt pointless and went nowhere. And it felt like a waste of time to even watch him get the band back together. This is Lucifer we're talking about here!

Were you surprised that Lucifer doesn't have a plan?

Christine: I was just disappointed. It feels like Lucifer has been so humanized and downgraded that I don't even take him seriously anymore. His whole impromptu therapy session with the Winchesters at the end just made me realize that 1) I really miss Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer and 2) there's no way that this is the same guy we were afraid of who tortured Sam.

I thought there would be more to Lucifer when they made him a regular character. Instead, they watered him down, and this is what we're left with.

Nightsky: Yes, and his whole abandoned child rant was awful. The Dr. Phil session was a complete flop in Supernatural Season 11. I can’t imagine why the writers would not only bring it up again but emphasize it as Lucifer’s motivation for his rampage. It turned the deadly, heartless Lucifer who had killed and tortured people on a whim into a slobbering mess.

Alice: I'm with Christine, that was rather disappointing. I see Sam's point, with no plan, Lucifer is actually more dangerous because he kills people randomly out of boredom, but is that something I want to watch every week?

Were they foreshadowing at the end that Sam might say "Yes" to Lucifer again? Why can't I muster even the slightest bit of interest? The writers aren't restoring my faith here. Everything has turned sloppy and random. What in the world in happening?

Sean: I was skeptical of Lucifer coming back, but I was willing to give it a shot, to see what the plan might be. But no plan? It's not only surprising, it's disappointing, and it makes me question what the writers' end goal is here. The Lucifer of Supernatural Season 12 is not the one from the past, and at this point, I just want them to wrap up Lucifer quick and get on to something else. It's just frustrating.

Will you miss Rick Springfield as Lucifer?

Christine: Yes and no. I liked his interpretation of Lucifer at first, but it wore on me pretty quickly. Maybe the next Lucifer will feel like more of a threat.

Nightsky: He did a fabulous job creating a character who was mysterious and sinister, quietly deadly like a creeping snake. I would have liked his storyline to have been developed more slowly. They should have extended the chase, prolonged the vessel deterioration. The audience was slowly accepting this version of Lucifer, which is a huge compliment to Springfield. Just as we’re building a emotional commitment to his character, though, they switch gears on us, again!

Why should we become emotionally invested in any character if they are only bringing them on long enough to kill them off? This episode not only burned through the vessel, it burned out the storyline.

Alice: Yes. I LOVED him as Lucifer. I didn't believe his stint had any longevity, but he was so damn creepy despite the total crap he was given to work with. His scenes were chilling and sinister, ignoring the whiny rant at the end. You really felt sorry for Vincent at the end when his dead body shriveled up. He did a fantastic job, and I will always think of his appearance fondly.

Sean: To a certain extent, sure. I think Springfield did a solid job with his acting, and he did manage to bring a certain scariness again. But the material he was given to work with was just a mess, and it's disappointing the writers didn't give Springfield better.

Are you still invested in the Lucifer storyline going forward?

Christine: I mean, I think you can tell from my other answers that I'm not digging it. I see the potential, but the execution has left much to be desired for me. I'd rather be focusing on Mary or the British Men of Letters than Lucifer at this point. Hell, I might even take Rowena. That's how much I'm not invested in Lucifer.

Nightsky: The on-stage pity party totally ruined the character for me. They’ve had two exceptional portrayals of Lucifer now in Pellegrino and Springfield (plus Jared Padalecki’s short, outstanding performance). It’s going to be hard to follow their act with anything convincing enough for us to care about. The only person who might make this compelling now would be Samantha Smith, which would just kill me as a fan of Mary’s.

Alice: Are you kidding? Not one iota. If it wasn't for Castiel and Crowley being in the next episode, I was seriously considering skipping an episode for the first time ever. I still might. It's so perplexing how we are at the midseason finale and everything is moving at an uninspired snails pace with no direction. It feels like the team is just trying to kill time. Again, what in the world is happening?

Sean: Not anymore. The Lucifer we once knew is no longer. I don't want any more whiny rants. Let's move on to something different. I'm even more interested in getting back to the British Men of Letters. It's time for the writers to take a risk and delve into something totally new. I'm sad to say I'm over the Lucifer character, but it's just a mess now. Move on.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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