Bones Round Table: Is Max Dying?

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It was Brennan’s 40th birthday but the surprise was on her friends on Bones Season 12 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Ashley Bisette Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Bones fan, Pam, to debate Brennan’s jealously, Max’s future, and whether they’d want an AMI of their own after “The Brain in the Bot.”

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Did you believe that Brennan was actually jealous of Daisy and Angela’s success?

Ashley: I did at first, but then I started getting suspicious about halfway through that Brennan actually had something to do with it for both of them.  

Pam: Yes, I bought into it as this has been her character. I like that she is written that way, but was happily surprised to find she is changing over time. It is not only refreshing but very sweet. She continues to delight and surprise her family and friends, and above all the audience.

Christine: I really did buy into her jealousy and was disappointed in it. I kept thinking, “Shouldn’t she have grown some in 12 seasons?” So I was happily surprised to see that she really had in the end. 

Are you relieved that Hodgins has accepted his paralysis or do you think he should continue to search for a cure?

Ashley: I'm relieved. This isn't Grey's Anatomy, and I think it would be actually disappointing if he found some miracle cure. It's far more interesting to see how his character has coped with the change, and it's also just more realistic. 

Pam: He seems to be settling in to this stage of his life. He has gone through the many stages of his injury: disbelief, anger, sadness, hope, and acceptance. He may now be finding his new comfort zone.

He is coming to see that his family and friends accept him this way and he can contribute as he always has in his work; they can even tease him again. He may sense that Angie isn't going anywhere and won't leave him behind which may have been a high priority fear.

Christine: I’m both happy and disappointed. Happy because I do think having him accept and deal with his paralysis is far more interesting and realistic, but disappointed because there’s a part of me that was still rooting for a cure. 

Hodgins and the Show Dog - Bones Season 12 Episode 3

Do you think this is the last we’ll see of Daisy and will you miss her?

Ashley: OH MY GOD. I haven't even thought about that! It very well could be the last time, and yes, I will definitely miss her. Actually, I'm going to miss all of them. Now I'm getting emotional....

Pam: It may well be as the writers and series are trying to bring in a lot of people from past seasons and tie things up for the viewers, which I am thrilled about. I used to dislike Daisy but over the years I have grown to like her more. She is a part of the team and I now miss her when she isn't around. How we all grow!

Christine: Yeah, that struck me after the episode. If she has a new job, she’s likely leaving for good. Admittedly, I wasn’t her biggest fan but just like Ashley and Pam, she grew on me and I think I will miss her. 

Would you want an AMI in your home?  

Ashley: Nope. That's terrifying. Unless of course she could do the dishes. Then maybe I would consider it. 

Pam: Well does Alexa count? I just bought one with a Fire Stick for Christmas. Not quite the same thing but no, I wouldn't want one. The more we depend on our toys from technology the more I feel our natural real lives are fast becoming lazy and disconnected with every day simple things like talking, walking, and doing things ourselves. If you are capable physically and mentally I say do it for yourself.

Christine: I do find it a little creepy, but at the same time I’d love to have someone to do all the cleaning for me. If AMI’s good with a vacuum and doesn’t mind mopping and cleaning the bathroom, I think I’m on board. 

Max Has a Secret - Bones Season 12 Episode 2

It appeared that Max had a hospital bracelet? What do you think he’s hiding?

Ashley: I'm nervous about this. He also made a comment earlier in the episode to Brennan about living life to it's fullest and that no one lives forever. I think he's sick.  

Pam: I think he has found out he is very ill or even dying and doesn't have long to live. The way he was looking at Bones and the sadness he felt when they were singing to her, it gives us the clue all is not well for Max.

Christine: This doesn’t look good, but if he’s sick, why not share that with his brilliant, doctor daughter? Why isn’t he trusting Temperance with this information? He may think he’s protecting her but I’m afraid that hiding the information will turn out to be more hurtful than sharing the truth. 

Which one character would you like to see more of this season? 

Ashley: You know, I want to see more of Aubrey. He's grown on me so much, and I'd like to see his character be able to develop just a little more before the show ends. 

Pam: That's an easy one for me, Max! Second would be the children. I love seeing Bones and Booth with their kids and with her Dad. In seasons past I would have said Pops but the actor, Ralph Waite, as we all know has passed away in real life.

Christine: I want to see more of Christine and little Hank. Christine is one of the few children on TV I truly enjoy, and I’d love to see Hank toddling around with his parents. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Ashley: Without question, my favorite scene was when Booth started belting out "Hot Blooded." Absolutely fantastic. 

Pam: Hands down when Booth and Aubrey remove the box off the table at the birthday party for Bones and she surprises the party goers with their own presents. We get the lovely twist of her giving the gifts instead of receiving.

It is better to give than receive! It's good to see Bones back for a final season; I have found I miss my old friend very much. For me, quality wise Bones is the Downton Abbey of the USA. It's a class act!

Christine: I liked Hodgins and Daisy’s interactions. They’ve never been friends, exactly, but it was good to see these two working together and connecting. Also, it was hard not to like this Bones quote

Trust me, if I've learned anything from being in this chair it's that happiness comes from accepting what you have.


Check back in on Tuesday for our review of Bones Season 12 Episode 3, and if you need more you can watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Bones Season 12 Episode 2 Quotes

Cam: I know it's a surprise but could you give us a hint on the dress code?
Brennan: Yes, wearing clothes would be advisable.

The tradition is illogical. Being startled is unpleasant while engineering a surprise for others has proven to be quite pleasurable.