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A bunch of 7th graders doing late night experiments with abandoned barrels find a body at an illegal toxic waste site.

The victim is James Felbeck, 86 years old, and lived at a retirement community. He was hit with an aluminum cane which broke his brittle bones. There was also canine dander from five different breeds, most likely therapy dogs. Brennan finds blood evidence that he was killed in the therapy room at the retirement community. 

James had stopped taking osteoporosis medication. Rufus Tucker says he was selling it because James needed the money. 

Further tests show that James lied about his entire history. He claimed to be a military veteran who lived in France for two decades but it was all a lie. He and Tucker had been roommates before they went to the retirement home. They were con men looking to fleece Barbara, a wealthy widow and fellow resident. 

Red Hudmore a veteran of a decorated MP battalion in Vietnam, caught James in a lie about his military service and hit him. He didn’t hit him that hard and didn’t mean to kill him but James bones were so brittle that he died anyway. 


Hodgins and Angela talk about having another child. Cam and Arastoo decide to adopt one of the many refugee children in the world. Brennan asks Booth to get a vasectomy since they’re fairly certain they don’t want more kids, but Booth balks and they both decide to wait. 

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Bones Season 12 Episode 3 Quotes

Aubrey: Jessica just thought that maybe it'd be a good idea if I went on a junk food cleanse. It's no big deal.
Booth: Go back to the donuts because that smells like monkey ass.

Aubrey: This is a black kale, chia smoothie.
Booth: Why are you drinking that? Did you lose a bet or something?
Brennan: Do you have an infected lesion?