Bones Season 12 Episode 2 Review: The Brain in the Bot

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Are we on the verge of the Bot-apocalyspe? Will artificial intelligence take over the world and find humans unnecessary? 

No, we’re not talking about a bad sci-fi movie, we’re talking about Bones Season 12 Episode 2.

Max Has a Secret - Bones Season 12 Episode 2

In AMI’s defense, she was kind of cute, for a robot. I loved the way she could read a person’s body language and facial expressions and determine what they were feeling. 

Can they make an app for that? What if we could all scan one another and know what someone is feeling instead of having to guess? I just don’t know if that would help us understand one another better or cause more hurt feelings than it avoids. 

If anything, this installment showed that technology in itself is not good or bad, it’s how humans choose to use it.

Ian’s artificial intelligence could have been made into robots to help autistic children, sex dolls, or lethal weapons. 

When Daisy determined that Ian’s body had been hoisted up, I kept wondering if there was a zip line in those woods, because that could have led to some fun experiments for Hodgins, but no such luck.

In the end it wasn’t the robot that killed him, but the slacker sausage eater who liked to hang out in the woods getting high.

Who would have thought that a pocket knife, some LSD, and one bluetooth speaker would lead to such a gruesome murder? 

When I first saw the photos for this episode, I wondered if Hodgins had gotten a support dog, because Standard Poodles are incredibly smart. I’ll never understand why they make them looks like froufrou dilettantes in the show ring.

Hodgins and the Show Dog - Bones Season 12 Episode 3

But these dogs weren’t for Hodgins; they just ate and rolled around on this week’s corpse!

The only upside to the crazy dog owner was that she led us to Hodgins and his missing eyebrow. I guess penciling it in would have been too easy. 

Obviously, Hodgins needed stronger glue to hold that fuzzy creature to his head. It was kind of fun to see how it was a bit off in every scene. 

Remember last year at this time, when Hodgins was full of anger and resentment over his paralysis? That’s what made this Bones quote so wonderful to hear…

Trust me, if I've learned anything from being in this chair it's that happiness comes from accepting what you have.


Jack is back, whether his legs work or not, and I couldn't be more grateful. An angry Hodgins, although understandable given the circumstances, was no fun at all. 

Finally, we get to Brennan…

When Brennan balked at Daisy running the National Forensics Lab, it wasn’t unexpected but it was a little disappointing.

What I found it really frustrating was when she reacted with such disbelief to Angela receiving the MacArthur fellowship. 

Hadn’t Brennan grown more than that in 12 seasons? Was her self esteem so low and her insecurities so ingrained that she couldn’t be happy and supportive for even her best friend? I expected better of her.

Angela and Daisy - Bones Season 12 Episode 2

Thankfully, my expectations were met when she congratulated both Daisy and Angela with cakes of their own at Brennan’s 40th "surprise" birthday party. 

That is one of the many benefits of growing older, we grow wiser in the process.


Does Daisy's new job mean she'll be leaving the Jeffersonian for good? She wasn't always one of my favorite characters but she's grown on me over the years, and I'll will miss her. 

Christine was at the party, and we really need to see more of this little girl before Bones Season 12 is over. Christine is one of my favorite children on TV.

And are we ever going to see little Hank? He should have been toddling around that party, making everyone smile and trying to grab a handful of cake.

The only melancholy moment was concerning Max.

I knew something was off when he came to visit Temperance at her office. All of that talk about salsa lessons and life being short was a big red flag to what was to come.

Having Christine find that hospital bracelet only confirmed my suspicions. I’m assuming we’ll find out the details of just how bad it is in the weeks to come. 

The Surprise At the Party - Bones

Be sure to check back on Friday to see what our Bones round table team thought of “The Brain in the Bot.”

Check back next week for my review of Bones Season 12 Episode 3 where I can't guarantee there will be any dogs but the word does appear in the title...

And if you can’t get enough of the Jeffersonian team, you can watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic.

The Brain in the Bot Review

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Bones Season 12 Episode 2 Quotes

Cam: I know it's a surprise but could you give us a hint on the dress code?
Brennan: Yes, wearing clothes would be advisable.

The tradition is illogical. Being startled is unpleasant while engineering a surprise for others has proven to be quite pleasurable.