Colony Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Somewhere Out There

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Does anybody really know what's going on?

One thing I know for sure after watching Colony Season 2 Episode 2 is that we're a touch away from reuniting four of the Bowmans again. But not the four we've gotten to know as a unit.

The elusive Charlie and daddy Will have finally been reunited, but with Bram slaving away in a labor camp, the Bowmans will still be one shy of a full load. Other than that? Alien filled sky is the limit!

On the Bus - Colony Season 2 Episode 2

The extended family unit is still in tact, and pulsating. While we lost Beau last season, we've picked up Devon, and she grew on me during the hour. She's not only feisty, but she knows how to get around in a world that's very foreign to Will.

Jennifer was back, and she's not someone you really miss until she's right in front of you. Kathleen Rose Perkins is a gem. She's so comfortable in the roles she plays, whether dramatic or comedic, and lends a sense of authenticity to what's going on.

What is it with you and Will and the whiskey? Why can't you drink something that doesn't taste like lighter fluid?


That never gets old. People and their fake love of straight booze on TV ought to be called out more often.

While it seemed that Bram was all alone in the labor camp, it turns out Snyder is now running the place. He doesn't look to happy to be there, but he did lock eyes with the Bowman boy, and he had a soft spot for Will. 

Despite what we learned about his humble (and impractical) beginnings before the aliens made their presence known, I'm still on board with Snyder. He's still one of the good guys. He's made mistakes, some of them beyond reproach, but there's more to him than meets the eye.

We're certainly going to find out given his proximity to Bram.

The Greatest Day - Colony Season 2 Episode 2

Because hello, it wasn't anything Nolan did for the kid that got him into the labor camp, despite Maddie's protests to the contrary. And right now, let's just go ahead and consider Maddie a wild card.

Woman: You are about to enter a select group. The question for humanity is not where we have been, it's where we are going. Are prepared read to accept that truth?
Maddie: Yes, I am.
Woman: Will you safeguard the secrets of our Movement, even from friends and family, and will you accept that the punishment for violating your oaths, but upon everyone you love?
Maddie: I do.
Woman: Then rise, Maddie Kenner, and receive your welcome into The Greatest Day.

The Greatest Day isn't one that's coming for everyone, but only the select few? I didn't see that coming.

In fact, as of this moment, I have absolutely no idea where Colony Season 2 is heading, and I freakin' love it.

I mentioned above something about the aliens making their presence known. In the brief opening scene of "Somewhere Out There," we were given another hint about the origins of what's happening. And it started decades ago.

It was 1969 when the aliens were first recognized by our scientists, and they were already at the stage when they were willing to try some sort of communication.

My point? If you think big picture (and you know, I LOVE to do that), the aliens would be the reason we shifted so quickly into the modern computer age.

They wanted the ability to communicated with us, to track us and determine who would be ready to lead their invasion when they chose to make themselves known. They had people on the inside for decades. You don't just make walls that fit snugly around cities like that in a couple days. Not even years.

The Greatest Day in Action - Colony Season 2 Episode 2

So what's The Greatest Day? 

What did Maddie see? Was it some kind of rebirth? Was she seeing what we have believed to be God? Did their communication arrive thousands of years previous and set forth what we consider modern religion?

I wouldn't have thought Colony would even consider going there, but dang, that womb in the sky experience was something else.

Talk amongst yourselves (seriously, where ARE you?) while I move onto little Chuck.

Solomon Under the Gun - Colony Season 2 Episode 2

Finding Charlie was just about the easiest thing Will has ever had to do. 

Once he reunited with Devon, her mad outside-the-wall skills were all he needed. What was it? One day outside the wall, and suddenly Charlie was in his hands? 

Are you angry? Huh. Well ask yourself a question, tough guy. Where the hell have you been for the last year? Your son would have died on the streets if it wasn't for me, so I'd like to hear little god damned gratitude. Then maybe we can make a deal.


When Solomon warned Will about Charlie maybe not wanting to leave with him because the streets change a kid, I was torn on whether he was serious or trying to egg him on in some way. 

When Solomon was behind Will as the father and son met eye-to-eye, it didn't seem malicious. I almost wondered if Solomon was giving Charlie his OK to go with Will. That was probably my imagination.

After all, Solomon was a bad dude, but he could have been worse. The kids were all dirty and ragged and stole for their room and board, but Will was working on behalf of the Occupation for the past year or so, and nothing they did was any better.

Will himself was a Solomon, in a way, except he was clean and wore a badge. He also had Red Hats who acted as his dirty kids, quite literally doing the dirty work before him, cleaning away the "criminals" who did things like post a flier or stay out after curfew.

Charlie!! - Colony Season 2 Episode 2

Maybe that's why Will was so angry when he not only saw the scars on Charlie's foot, but hear Charlie say he wanted to go back to Soloman.

Not only did it seem like a natural reaction after being with the guy for such a long time, but he no doubt grew close to the other moppets who ran the street with him. His fears about what might happen to them were real.

He's not old enough or street-wise enough to understand Solomon needed those kids even more now that he was gone. If Charlie was his best, then he'd need two of those kids for every Charlie.

But given the immediacy of the Charlie storyline's ending, and how quickly he was found, I don't think it's about any of that.

Devon: It's just rumors. Supposedly the warlords and the occupation made a deal. As long as the warlords turn over a certain number of people each month, the Red Hats don't mess with them.
Will: What happens to the people? They go to the factory? [Devon shrugs] Then why isn't this block at war? Why aren't people fighting for their lives?

Not only did Will have to go out into the world to find a new partner, he had to get out from under the thumb of the Occupation. He had to come to some sort of understanding about what was happening to the people.

Soylent Green and all that.

Now, we have no idea what's happening to the people, but if the need for them is going up all the time, it can't be good. And people are going to run out because our gestation cycle just isn't fast enough and it's unlikely the sex drive during such crap times is high enough to sustain a steady birth rate.

So something's gotta give.

Taking No Prisoners - Colony Season 2 Episode 2

At the moment, what's giving is everyone's attitude toward the Occupation. At least everyone we hold dear. 

Once Will realized what the Red Hats were doing, and that his Charlie was right there in the middle of all that, his trip back to see Solomon became a scene out of John Wick. Nobody made it out alive. 

Will looked for the transit pass, but didn't find it. He tried to reassure the kids he was the good guy. In the acronym of Michael Keaton, LOL, dude. LOTS OF LUCK. Those kids were scared straight. They may never steal again. They may die of starvation before they steal again.

Will seems ready to fight now. Jennifer is ready to fight, and she wants Katie with her. I'm pretty sure it won't take much for Bram to coax Snyder to fight. Everyone we knew who were split down the middle during Colony Season 1 will probably want to fight against the Occupation.

Is that when we'll discover The Greatest Day isn't a load of hooey and they're really here for good? 

More Than Meets the Eye - Colony Season 2 Episode 2

What if the people sent to the factory are being flown off to another planet because this one is dying? They're saved or something. Wouldn't that be a hoot? It wouldn't be the first time we got it all wrong.

I mean, look at how everyone treated the other side of the wall the minute it went up. Graffiti and trash everywhere. It's not like there was an effort to save anything, to show pride and save what was left of self-respect. 

Maybe they didn't have the chance. But maybe they did. Just saying, we don't know what happened yet. We're still in the dark, and I'm really diggin' all of this. 

What about you? Are you ready for a war? Have movements been building toward all of our favorites being on the same side? Would anything surprise you at this point? What on earth was the deal with that box? What the heck IS The Greatest Day? What's so great about what Maddie experienced?

Talk to me! 

And if you need more backstory on the lack of backstory, watch Colony online to get it.

Somewhere Out There Review

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Colony Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Are you angry? Huh. Well ask yourself a question, tough guy. Where the hell have you been for the last year? Your son would have died on the streets if it wasn't for me, so I'd like to hear little god damned gratitude. Then maybe we can make a deal.


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