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Wow. This is a flashback. Way back. The Americans have known about incoming aliens for decades.

Katie is out on her bike, trying to be discreet. They're ripping down the posters of Snyder. Katie's trying to get in to see Bram, but he's already been transferred out of the zone.

Next on her trip is to see Maddie. Maddie has really moved up in the world. The redhat takes just a little too long searching Katie's breasts on her way into the greenzone.

Katie is ready to take Gracie home, but the weird teacher doesn't want to take anyone away from their lessons.

Devon knows of Solomon. He's a warlord and getting in to see him won't be easy.

Things are falling apart in the communities. Rations are short.

Katie is being watched by Jennifer when she's called into the office of her new boss, Dan Bennett.

He wants to know about Will and Beau. The office has failed to live up to the standards of the authority. He's not a patient man.

Nolan isn't willing to cash in their chips on Bram's safety and staying out of the factory, especially when Maddie is getting welcomed into the circle with her initiation tomorrow. He promises he'll do the best he can. I think he's lying.

Will doesn't necessarily like doing things the way they do them outside the wall, but follows Devon's lead.

So much graffiti and garbage everywhere. What kind of people are they? Left or right?

Jennifer arrives home to find out her house is being ripped apart. Her new boss is obviously not only impatient but untrustworthy.

The photo of her and her fiance and their dog is cracked and on the floor.

The bus is stopped and passengers lined up. They're asked what they did. When the teacher is punched and sent back to the bus, Bram lies. He says he is 20, a demolition man who lays concrete. He's sent on to a labor camp and distribution center.

This is like a grand experiment. What do they do and how far would you go to save your own ass.

Devon takes the chip to Solomon, who she's been hunting for all along. Charlie is one of Solomon's best performers. Whatever that means.

When Solomon stands up and asks him if he's angry, it's very annoying. But Will plays along.

Solomon warns him to be OK if Charlie doesn't want to go with him, and then follows behind Will, watching to see how the reunion goes. Giving his permission, perhaps?

Maddie calls Katie with news about Bram, giving Nolan the win Bram clearly made for himself.

Katie wonders why Gracie is so interested in "The Greatest Day." Good ol' Lindsay says it's what makes you a good person. And if it's not her fault for not working hard enough that Bram and daddy aren't coming home, then whose fault is it?

Will wonders if Solomon hurt Charlie. Charlie says he's fine.

Will wakes up to a scuffle. Charlie tries to run away. When Charlie tried to run away before, he put Charlie on a chain. If he tries to run away now he'll hurt someone, anyone, and Charlie is petrified.

Will sets out with his gun to set things straight.

Katie goes to see Nolan about Bram. Things do not go well.

While walking from work to lunch, there is a loud noise and an alien ship shoots from above into the clouds. Bram gets punched into the gut. The gal from the CW shows saves him from a big dude coming to mess with him.

The guards find a screwdriver on another dude, and it turns out Snyder runs the camp where Bram is working.

Maddie is pissed that Katie went behind her back. She's sure Nolan can protect them because he can play the game. Katie is upset because he thinks it's a game. She's just trying to keep her family together. How's that working out for you? Ouch. Maddie is sending Gracie back home.

It's time for Maddie's initiation.

It's much scarier than scientology. You give away everything and then you discover the secret. Only there is no turning back.

Maddie is left in a room alone, touches a box and sees...something. When she comes out of it, she's smiling with tears and hugs Nolan.

Jennifer wants Katie to work with her.

Will wastes no time sweet talking his way into see Solomon the second time. He kills everyone in his way and makes short work of Solomon, as well.

He looks for the transit pass but doesn't find it.

He sees the kids. He tries telling them they'll be safe with him, but it seems like a tough sell after what they just witnessed.

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Are you angry? Huh. Well ask yourself a question, tough guy. Where the hell have you been for the last year? Your son would have died on the streets if it wasn't for me, so I'd like to hear little god damned gratitude. Then maybe we can make a deal.


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