Showtime Renews The Affair, Sets Premiere Date for Twin Peaks

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Showtime president David Nevins took the stage at the TCA Press Tour today to share some wonderful news.

Not only did he have word of a renewal of a slow-burn fan favorite, but of the return of a long-overdue revival, too.

His first order of business was about Twin Peaks.

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Turns out the highly anticipated return didn't quite make it for a 2016 run, but now we know when to expect it!

It will premiere with a two-hour installment on May 25. 

“It’s really happening,” Nevins exclaimed.

There will be a total of 18 episodes in the limited-series, and no plans for a second season.

What they have to say is wrapped up in this one season, but if there's one thing I've learned, never isn't a word in Hollywood's vocabulary.

To keep the good news coming, immediately following the two-hour premiere, episodes 3 and 4 will be available for a mini-binge on Showtime's streaming service.

If they don't keep that up, though, it will be a whole month until you get new episodes.

The price of an early binge can be expensive!

Nevin has seen all 18 of the episodes.

He and fellow Showtime exec Gary Levine are really excited about the social media prospects of the event series, and plan on running (as of now, anyway) all 18 episodes in a row. 


"David Lynch is one of the great film masters of my lifetime," said Nevins.

"And I think the version you're going to see is pure heroin David Lynch, and I'm very excited to be the one putting it out."

The Affair Gif

And just as we're about as confused about Noah Solloway on The Affair Season 3 as we could ever be, we've received word of a renewal.

I never knew the poster for this season was a GIF, but that is actually pretty cool.

With three episodes to go this season, now we can rest assured that no matter what frakked up place Sarah Treem plans on taking these crazy characters, we'll probably be meeting another messed up individual for The Affair Season 4, for a sixth perspective.

There was also an announcement of two series pickups today.

Jamie Foxx is bringing to Showtime a semi-autobiographical series called White Famous, starring Jay Pharaoh, and Lena Waithe's coming of age drama The Chi, starring Luke Mitchell, has also been picked up.

If you need to catch up on the renewal, you can watch The Affair online right here via TV Fanatic.

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