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The suspects are already piling up.

By the end of 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 2, another strong character in contention for wanting to cause harm to America was found right by John Donovan's side.

With the feels I get about Donovan, it's going to have to be the man himself as the culprit to keep me from believing he's the world's biggest patsy.

Senator John Donovan - 24: Legacy

Yes, the fun continued between 1 and 2 pm. 

John finally arrived at his fundraiser, Rebecca tried to ask Keith Mullins questions but ultimately didn't listen to his answers, Eric got himself arrested so he could steal a couple million dollars from the local police and there were blow jobs and murder down at the local high school.

One hour in Washington, DC is just like any other in America, right? Good golly!

Let's begin with the high school shenanigans. 

It's no surprise Amira was awaiting codes from her brother to begin her part of Jad's big plans to run his dad's operation in the wake of his death. 

Exactly why all of the sleeper cells have been awakened already and are waiting on pins and needles when the list that was clearly LOST is my first question. Jad didn't know his group was going to be successful in tracking that thing down.

Talk about over-confident.

My second question is why do they need the list if they've been able to notify those on the list to give them a heads up the code is coming? Can't they just send a memo with a warning or something?

Dear fellow Terrorists: I'm afraid when our beloved Sheik Bin-Khalid was viciously murdered, the stone cold American soldiers also stole his precious lock box, filled with family heirlooms, passports and all of your names and activation codes. Please contact us to receive your new code immediately.

Surely there is a backup plan.

If THIS is their plan, it's not the best. Tensions are mounting and people who are going to eventually dying are dying ahead of schedule, and that's just messy. Poor Amira is left to use her pedo Teacher's sick tendencies to keep him in line. If there was a good fail safe in place, this wouldn't be happening.

Gerald McRaney Joins 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 2

John's dad, Henry, has figured out something about John's campaign manager. No, it's not that she has a very sultry voice (seriously, tremendous speaking voice on that girl), but that she's been hiding something the opposition plans to use against her.

As it turned out, the news that Nilaa was a Muslim wasn't news to John at all. But the mosque she visited must be one of the ones on the no-fly zone.

The opposition was using it to show John had security issues with his "right hand man" and Henry thought that meant the end for his son.

Son, I don't know what else to tell you other than that she is a liability. John, you will not win in November if you have a campaign manager who prayed for the death of American soldiers.


John is so sweet (or incredibly smarmy...time will tell), because he'd rather keep Nilaa on than admit he would have ever gotten as far as he has without her by his side.

John is a glass-half-full kind of guy, and will probably spend from 2-3pm trying to figure out how to put together a commercial that will air first showing Nilaa was doing something righteous at Parkside.

Clue Seeker - 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 2

Eric had his hands full trying to appease Ben the idiot. 

At least now I know why he was only asking $2 million for the list. It's all he could carry. Ah ha. At least that makes sense. He uses cash only. It's going to be hard for Ben to pull out wads of $2 million to pay for a burger here and there, but that's his problem.

Eric's problem was finding the cash.

Isaac, who we now know is a big time drug dealer, didn't have the cash on him, but made the suggestion to check out the police. He was just fooling around, but Eric didn't have time for Tom foolery.

Proving there is no place for Eric's wife or brother in this story, the two of them continued sharing loving friendship moments which were not only unbelievable, but a waste of time.

I do not believe Isaac is a great guy who just surrounds himself with assholes because it's part of his business plan. If he was a great guy who also happened to be a drug dealer, he'd surround himself with like-minded people. Instead he's dating someone like Aisha. 

Ugh. She's on the canvas only to create Real Housewives like drama, and it's not fun. It's stupid. The re-connection between Nicole and Isaac shouldn't cause her issue, especially when she hears Isaac talking to his brother as if he's the next Dr. Phil.

Eric's plan was to get himself arrested and taken into police custody so he could get into the evidence locker and get the millions for Ben. That was a decision I thought he made out on the street.

Judging by the strap on bomb vest he crafted when we weren't looking (real time...what gives?), he had the plan at the ready before hitting the street. Even with CTU's help, it seemed like a long shot.

Find the Bad Guys - 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 2

I'm still very skeptical of Rebecca. There is so much evidence pointing to her as the ultimate bad guy it's shocking. Of course, now I can rope in the possibility she's in this with John and they're working together.

Or John is working on his own using her credentials. I don't trust happy, sweet people.

Trusting people who automatically don't trust other people is also tough. If she vetted Keith Mullins personally and suddenly doesn't trust him, either she didn't do her job well, or she purposefully didn't do it well thinking he wouldn't catch on to her.

After all, she didn't count on him firing her version of Ariana. Ariana called Rebecca's attempts to hack the system grade school. Rebecca is being caught off guard.

That's right, I'm still not feeling good about Rebecca. 

Untangled - 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 2

Keith was genuinely shocked to see Eric in the evidence locker, mouthing for help. I think Keith will eventually come to be the good guy in this scenario, because I know his reactions have been genuine. 

He seriously has no idea what the hell is going on. I was even more suspicious about Rebecca when she talked Keith into giving her his director codes. Now it will look like he was in on the operation if it all goes south.

The conspiracy got a little bigger when Andy tracked the original hack of the squad names to John's office, using Rebecca's credentials on Nilaa's machine. 

Talk about a big game of Clue!

These people are all twisted. Do any of them really love America? We'll have to find out as it continues, and you can watch 24: Legacy online to see it again and search for clues to the heart of it all.

What are your theories?? 

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