Suits Round Table: Is Mike Getting Off Easy?

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Should Mike be allowed to take the bar?

That was a key question after Suits Season 6 Episode 13 when it became clear Harvey would stop at nothing to give Mike a career. 

TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Stacy Glanzman and Jasmine Blu weigh in on the latest twists for the characters. 

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Should Mike be allowed to take the bar?

Christine: I didn’t think you could do that if you were convicted of a felony…but if it gets Mike off the sidelines and our team working back together again, then I’m all for it. Reality be damned!

Stacy: I have no idea how a convicted felon could be admitted to the bar, nor how one person could possibly have the authority to make that happen. But, as Christine said, if it gets Mike back in a courtroom, I'm willing to suspend my belief. He's way more fun to watch when he's a lawyer. 

Jasmine: If I'm not mistaken, it is possible if you're honest about and can prove you're morally upstanding now, but it's at their discretion whether or not you'll pass. Don't quote me on that though.

I'll be the odd one out. No, I don't think he should be allowed to take the bar. I tend to be very hard on Mike, but it's irksome that every time he faces repercussions that he *should* be facing, there's always something that undoes all of it because "poor Mike." What's the point?

Donna Knows Best - Suits Season 6 Episode 13

What did you think of the scenes with Donna and Benjamin?

Christine: Their first scene together was kind of weird, and the incredibly inappropriate workplace conversation made me cringe. Maybe if we had seen this two interact together, previously this may have been funnier, but as it was, I can’t say I was a fan. 

Stacy: That device was just plain creepy, not to mention a violation of privacy. I can't believe Donna didn't have a bigger problem with the fact that Benjamin had been recording her for months. 

Jasmine: I agree on both points. We haven't seen their interactions before this, so it was hard to enjoy it because it fell into workplace sexual harassment.

I also thought it was creepy that he had been recording her for months. I know Donna is a legal secretary, and probably doesn't discuss certain things right at her desk, but she's still in a field that deals with privileged information. 

Are you over Louis and Tara?

Christine: No, for the simple reason that I want to see Louis in love and happy. I just hope she doesn’t pull the rug out from under him after he’s fallen in love with both her and the baby. That would break my heart. 

Stacy: No, I like them. They're a cute couple, and I also like seeing Louis happy. Of course, they're going to hit speed bumps, but I want it to work out for them. 

Jasmine: I do want to see Louis in love and happy, I'm just not a fan of who he's in love and happy with at the moment. The entire situation and how fast this all's too much for me. But for Louis' sake,  I want things to work.

Taking a Stand - Suits Season 6 Episode 13

Did you expect Oliver to drop the ball in the courtroom?

Christine: I was rooting for him to make a comeback, but I knew he might fumble it again. I didn’t blame Oliver as much as the mother who pushed for the case.

She went from wanting to keep her apartment to pushing for a $500K settlement. It would have been far smarter to take the $25K and get her son into a safer, healthier environment, asap.

Stacy: Yeah, when Mike turned down Harvey's offer, I had a feeling Oliver losing was going to be what made Mike change his mind. Also, he's not going to make a complete 180 overnight, so at least the show was realistic in that aspect.

I hope that even if Mike does get admitted to the bar, that he continues to mentor Oliver and help him build his confidence. 

Jasmine: Words can not describe how much I felt for Oliver in that moment. I was rooting for him as well. I like Oliver, and I also hope Mike continues to mentor him. And also agree with Christine, for the life of me I couldn't understand why the mom didn't take the settlement. 

Are you glad the Mike/Rachel wedding is back on?

Christine: I’m a sucker for a good wedding episode, so yes, I’m looking forward to it. 

Stacy: Pretty much what Christine said. We've had to wait too long to see their wedding. Plus, I loved the scenes of Rachel and Mike asking Donna and Harvey to be their maid of honor and best man. Mike and Harvey especially had me laughing. 

Jasmine: Love is in the air. Sure, why not. We're due for a wedding episode.

Happier Times? - Suits Season 6 Episode 12

Over to you, Suits fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Note: Suits Season 6 Episode 14 airs February 15 on USA Network. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Harvey: Hey, Mike, what are you doing here?
Mike: I came to apologize to you for yelling at you about going to Gibbs.
Harvey: You don't have to do that.
Mike: Yes, I do. I know you only had my best interests at heart. You always do and... I shouldn't have snapped at you.
Harvey: Well, I shouldn't have gone to her behind your back.
Mike: That's okay. Kinda worked out.
Harvey: Come on in, let's have a drink. You can tell me all about it.

Mike: You're never going to believe it, but they have me supervising a third year law student, thinks she knows more than me.
Harvey: You mean, you have a you?
Mike: She is so much worse than me.
Harvey: Is she constantly talking about what a great memory she has? Does she have a man purse?
Mike: You done?

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