Colony Season 2 Episode 10 Review: The Garden of Beasts

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There were some tense moments on Colony Season 2 Episode 10, but for the most part, it was easy to determine their outcome.

Even so, we're dealing with situations that are building to what is sure to be a mind-blowing finale, and I'm getting antsy for renewal news.

By the end of "The Garden of Beasts" I could only imagine Maddie wondering if she chose the right side of her family for security, as well as the "where did we go wrong" thoughts running through Will and Katie's minds in regard to Bram.

Smiling For the Cameras - Colony

Maddie's life has taken quite the dire turn.

Considering the way she took over the life her former boss and Nolan's wife once had, Maddie, of all people, should know how easy it is to lose everything in a New York Minute.

Even after watching herself float in whatever that magical Greatest Day box reveals to those who pluck it up off the table, Maddie has been trying to live the best of both worlds, knowing fully well she couldn't.

Maintaining contact with Katie wasn't going to work for her if she was going to commit to Nolan and The Greatest Day.

It's ridiculous to even think she wanted to commit to those bozos, but they're living in ultra crazy conditions, and what Nolan offered obviously felt a lot safer to Maddie than being on the run and looking over her shoulder all the time.

She merely forgot that Nolan's ex once felt the same until Maddie came along and unexpectedly turned her life on its head. There is no safety in a post-Raps world. No matter what chance you take, it's a gamble.

The Signal - Colony Season 2 Episode 10

After the Global authorities came in wanting to either string her up and send her away or have her in shambles at their feet willing to do anything they asked, she sided with the latter with Nolan's help.

I honestly don't know if Nolan genuinely cares about Maddie or not. His moments of sincerity are so unconvincing it's impossible to tell what he's thinking at any given moment. He may be helping Maddie only to keep himself from looking like a two-time loser.

If he picked two women who were sent to the Factory, surely he'd never be allowed to partner up again.

But Katie and Will getting the better of the whole posse of agents sent to go after them? Yikes. Without Snyder stepping in, it doesn't look good for Maddie and Nolan.

What is going on with Snyder, anyway?

Helena called him in as her personal proxy to work behind Alcala's back. Alcala, meanwhile, was trying to clean up the Maddie situation with the hope it will keep him off Helena's naughty list.

Handsome as Usual - Colony Season 2 Episode 10

But given Snyder's relationship with the Bowmans, would that even work at this point?

You know how I feel about Snyder. I'm weak, what can I say? I want him to fall to on the side of justice. 

The clues given about Snyder and Helena so far this season have given me hope they're both rethinking their strategy to stand firm with the occupation.

Will remains my favorite fellow even on the resistance. He's kind and considerate of those they question. 

Broussard and Katie burst into the homes of unsuspecting, innocent people with looks of disdain and superiority on their faces. It drives me nuts.

Smart Alek Face - Colony Season 2 Episode 10

Will understands that nobody has asked for any of this, and they're all fighting to survive, not fighting on behalf of the occupation by working a job to keep their family safe.

He and Katie are strong, and they made it their mission to discover as much about the occupation as they could. In doing so, it was only recently they discovered the news about the colony being a death camp. If everyone had the same information, their decision-making process may be different.

They did get some helpful information, though, which included that the vehicles of the Black Jacks have a transponder allowing them to come and go through the wall as they please. 

Black Jacks are the ones taking people for the pods. That opening proved they're incredibly skilled, picking off a group of men in their own building in the dark while the guys were wearing night vision goggles to assist. They still got their man.

And Will is on that list. Like all of you, I paused and read the information they have gathered about their targets, but it's not very helpful. They want Will as a soldier. I can't help but wonder if they're reprogramming the minds of humans and assimilating them into their race.

We still have yet to see who is under the motorcycle suits they wear. I'm betting, again, they not only look just like us, but they may BE us. That would be pretty damn freaky. It would also be a great way to bring back characters we've seen before in thrilling new ways.

Only a Son - Colony Season 2 Episode 10

Did you buy into Bram being sold on all of the resistance talk while he was in the camp? After the final kill sequence with Snyder, it wouldn't have dawned on me he was in for more torture, let alone joining the Red Hand group.

Overall, he seems like an angsty teenager with the idea that it's cool to rebel against his parents. 

Bram cries far too often to be an effective member of the resistance, and it leads me to believe he'll be one of the Cardinal's greatest pawns, especially when she learns (if she doesn't already know) he's the son of Will and Katie Bowman.

Will she want to kill Bram in the same way Will allowed Frankie to be killed? A woman who uses her daughter in such a way can't be right in the head. "Here, honey, go whore yourself out to save the world. Then blow up the pretty boys." Yuck.

It's not like Will and Katie didn't have enough to do already. Now they're going to feel the need to track down their damn, angst-ridden son. They should just let him be. If he's old enough to make the decision, then stay out there, kiddo. Luck to you.

The rest of our lives are at stake!

Thoughts on what's going down? What's coming next? Do any of you watch The Americans? I had to laugh when Peter Jacobson (Snyder) who appears on both shows, introduced a new character on the show, Alan Strider. Alan Snyder introducing Alan Strider. HA!

I'm such a TV Fanatic.

Don't forget, you can watch Colony online to catch up with all the alieny goodness going down!!

The Garden of Beasts Review

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Colony Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Broussard: What's it like out there?
Noah: Lawless and empty. They scooped up a lot of people when they walled up the big cities. And then they have big drone walkers who break up any major settlement, so most of the survivors are scattered.
Broussard: It sounds like the Wild West.

In troubled times you can always turn to family. That's what The Greatest Day is all about. Family.