Colony Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Tamam Shud

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Events have slowly been toying with the idea that at some point our characters would reach the point of no return, and Colony Season 2 Episode 9 appeared to be that point.

No matter how hard Gracie cries, there's no going back for the Bowman family.

Digging Deeper - Colony Season 2 Episode 9

Colony Season 2 has been fielding the changing perspective within the Bowman family about what it means to survive the occupation.

Will needed to get a taste of the world outside the wall to fully appreciate just how rotten things were on the planet he once loved, and Katie needed to step back and reassess the violent decisions she was making and the impact they had on her family.

As far apart as Will and Katie's ideas of pulling their family back together may have seemed during Colony Season 1, after some consideration, they realized they weren't as far off each other's marks as originally thought.

Working together to make a difference could have achieved so much more if only they had started doing it sooner. Like before they met Bob Burke.

Burke wasn't perfect. For example, his tracking skills were terrible.  Will was onto him relatively quickly, as would anyone who was looking for a tail.

But once he sniffed out the connection between Katie and Maddie, he was like a dog with a very meaty bone. He had everything sussed out and in front of Dan so they could move in a remarkably short time. He'd gotten nothing wrong.

Run Will, Run!! - Colony Season 2 Episode 9

It was kind of surprising to see the Bowman's lives go up in a puff of smoke like that. 

They can't go home, even to their new one. Will they all take up residence in the sewers alongside Morgan and Broussard? Even taking Gracie to Maddie's is out of the question at this point because any of the kids would continue being used as leverage from now on out.

It's not an ideal situation, but what I hope we're looking at as time progresses is life outside the colony and with the rest of the resistance.

We don't know anything about people living in suburbia or the farmlands of America, and it it's that easy for them to jump into a plane and fly it to the colony, then there could be a lot more of them than we know. 

Maybe only large urban areas are colonized in the way we've seen so far. If Colony is granted a third season, exploring outside the wall and farther than the immediate neighborhoods would be a new and interesting opportunity to shake things up.

Does Noah Have An Ark? - Colony Season 2 Episode 9

Because we've met Noah. That's an interesting choice of names and suggests she might have hope for humanity residing in her hands.

She wasn't right about the plane not attracting drones, so either she was buttering up her co-pilot who was afraid of flight, or there is still much they don't understand, and that's why they need the drone Broussard's team has in their possession.

With Will on the loose and the pilot in the wind, things aren't going to be looking all that great for Alcala and his methods, though. I thought Burke was annoying. At least he was effective.

Alcala's attitude I cannot take.

Helena was going to force him to do her bidding but decided to call in Snyder instead. How Snyder is going to fit into all of this and whether he'll be compelled to fight against Will and his family, who he care for will be interesting to see.

Sure, Snyder's caring might only be on display when it suits him, or it might be genuine. There have been many opportunities for him to screw them over without warning, but he didn't take them.

Having Snyder back in league with Helena could be a boon for the resistance. 

Let's hope so.

Not too much happened during "Tamam Shud," but what did was pivotal to what's to come because there's no going back. I'm excited. How about you?

If you need to see it again, watch Colony online!!

Tamam Shud Review

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Colony Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Burke: Bowman is working for the resistance.
Dan: I can't help but wonder whether your opinion in this matter is influenced by personal animosity.

Let's talk about you, Bob. Any family, friends? Or do you just power down a closet after work every night?