Scandal Round Table: Is Huck Dead?!?

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Did Huck perish?

That's one of the more pressing questions after Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 which found Meg shooting him at the close of the hour.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Jim Garner, Sarah Hearon and Christine Hinton discuss the twist, Abby's agenda and the way Olivia acted. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Is Huck dead?

Jasmine: NO! I refuse to believe it. If Jake could survive bleeding out after his run in with Russell, Huck can survive this, dammit. She didn't shoot him in the heart or the head (after taking a headshot for Jennifer), so by TV rules there is still a chance, right? Besides, where the hell was Jake?

No way he left Jennifer alone for that meeting. He had to be around, and maybe he'll help Huck. B613/ Pope "pet monsters" solidarity. 

Jim: I had the EXACT same thought Jasmine, that she missed vital organs on Huck on purpose. She got Jennifer in one shot to the head, she could have gotten Huck the same way. And, you're right, where they hell is Jake!!??! 

Sarah: There's no way Huck is dead! Speaking of Jake, remember when he was stabbed multiple times and survived a few seasons back? I feel like this show hasn't killed off a fan favorite since James, and Huck is too good to lose. 

Christine: There must be a reason why she didn’t take the head shot with Huck, and she told Abby that Huck would never know that she was involved, so that leads me to believe he’s definitely still alive. 

Scandal Huck Dead

Did you know Meg was going to be a villain?

Jasmine: I didn't, but I should have. While I positively loathed every second of Quinn treating Huck as if he's an idiot, he does have a terrible track record with women.

Meg was so convincing. I can't believe I was pleading on her behalf, before. He should have stuck the needle in her.

Jim: I was really hoping she wasn't so that Huck could have a chance at a normal relationship. But now that he is 2 for 2 on only attracting psychopaths, he will never_be able to date another woman without wondering if she's using him or trying to kill him.  

Sarah: I was totally convinced she was the villain until the scene where she convinces Huck she isn't. I thought we were supposed to see how paranoid Huck is and it was another example of how he can never have a normal life. I was shocked when Meg ended up actually being evil. 

Christine: Absolutely, especially when she remained calm while Huck held that needle to her throat. Most normal people would have been in tears and begging, but she held it together. That’s when I knew she was a psychopath. 

Abby Calling the Shots - Scandal Season 6 Episode 8

What is Abby's angle in all of this?

Jasmine: I have no idea! Was it to stick it to Cyrus and become the new Cyrus because she's tired of being the new Olivia? Is this her way of having full control of the White House? What have you done Abby? Look at your life. Look at your decisions! 

Jim: I can only assume that she thinks Mellie will keep her on as chief of staff. Beyond that I just don't see her end game, unless it's like Jasmine said, just to screw over Cyrus.  

Sarah: I feel like Jasmine and Jim might be right, but none of those are good enough reasons to go rogue! I hope we learn something new about her relationships with Mellie or Cyrus to help justify her actions. 

Christine: I’ve got no clue. Does everyone on this show have to be such a monster! I always liked Abby, but I’m having trouble coming up with anything that justifies this. 

Olivia Wants Someone Dead - Scandal

Discuss Olivia finding out her father was not actually the villain this time around. 

Jasmine: OMG I wanted to shake her. By the time she was slapped in the face with the truth, I was in indignant "I told you so" mode. She owes Huck an apology, assuming he lives. For everything from doubting him, to going on about monsters not changing when he's a reformed "monster" she spent years changing.

She was so annoying in this episode. Has she stopped caring about her family  (real and makeshift)? How does she go from "Huck, you have to stop killing people" to "Kill my father, or I'll get someone else who can do it for me?" She treated her best, most loyal and protective friend like he was crazy. 

Jim: OMG!! I was yelling at the TV, "You heartless b!tch, you helped Huck get out of that life!!" She does owe Huck an apology.

How weird would it be to see Rowan having to work with Olivia to get his ass out of trouble... *boggle*  Oh! and can we take one second to talk about Rowan hiding a micro-drive in the neck of the woman he loved that he shot in the head? Talk about needing therapy! WOW. 

Sarah: Haha is there anyone on this show that doesn't need years of therapy after everything they have done (or witnessed?) But I totally agree, Olivia was acting way too rash and not listening to Huck. I'm happy she finally understood that Papa Pope isn't the only evil out there and she has real work to do. 

Christine: Olivia was horrid! She’s been working to help Huck reform for years, but now that she decides her father should die, she tells Huck to do it. That was so wrong, but even worse was her speech about how monsters never change. Was she oblivious to what she was saying and to whom, or just selfish and heartless?

What do you think is coming next?

Jasmine: Well, maybe Liv will finally find a way to get Cyrus out of prison since she's known for ages that he didn't do it. He's a power player. You have to work with the bad guys to take down bigger bad guys, and if Olivia is going to go up against Abby, Ponytail, and Scarface, she'll need to work with her father and maybe Cyrus, too.

I think Huck will live (fingers crossed) and they'll piece together that Abby is part of all of this, through Meg, somehow.

Jim: I have no idea, though Jasmine's theory seems plausible, so I'm just going to say "Yeah, what she said" LOL... Though I will say using Cyrus to hunt down the people blackmailing Rowan is like using a wolf to hunt a coyote. Sure it will get the job done, but are you _really_ better off? 

Sarah: All I know is I'm dying to find out what Abby's true intentions are, and see Olivia's reaction to her betrayal. There should probably be a conclusion to the whole "who is going to be the President now" issue. 

Christine: I’m still reeling for this twist about Abby…but I’m also missing Cyrus and Mellie, so I hope they’re back on the screen by next week.

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What did you think of the episode?

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Huck: Jake didn't kill her.
Olivia: Because she's an innocent victim.
Huck: That's never bothered him before.

I need you to kill Rowan. I want my father dead and I need you to do it.