19 TV Bad Girls Dressed To Kill

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Bad girls have an image to uphold. 

Some might wear their evil on their sleeve, others hide it in unexpected ways. Not all female villains are wearing black these days, but all these villains know how to dress to kill.

Check out our list of TV's most fashionable villains and see if you agree! Have we missed anyone? Chime in below with your thoughts!

1. Killer Frost - The Flash

Killer Frost - The Flash
This bad girl is cold as ice, but her look is hot as hell. Her frosty lipstick adds the perfect finishing touch to this killer outfit.

2. The Evil Queen - Once Upon a Time

The Evil Queen - Once Upon a Time
When you're the Evil Queen, you have a reputation to uphold. It's not just about doing evil deeds, it's also about looking the part and this evil lady has it down pat.

3. The Countess - American Horror Story: Hotel

The Countess - American Horror Story: Hotel
Vampires are supposed to be sexy and the Countess is no exception. She's also extremely deadly. She'll seduce you with her charm and beauty then dispose of you with a quick flick of her finger.

4. Maya Pope - Scandal

Maya Pope - Scandal
After spending an eternity in drab prison clothes, Maya finally got to strut her stuff. When you're planning to kill the President of the United States, you better look good!

5. Raina - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Raina - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Raina is a genius not only in the villain department but in the fashion department as well. Her raven black hair paired with this ritzy number has us green with envy.

6. Rachel Duncan - Orphan Black

Rachel Duncan - Orphan Black
Just because she's a clone doesn't mean she has to dress like one. As a master manipulator, blackmailer and potential murderer, Rachel has a style all her own. Can we just call it the uber bitch look?

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