Scandal Round Table: Is Rowan Powerless?

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Is Rowan as powerless as he is leading everyone to believe?

That was a key concern on Scandal Season 6 Episode 6. We also got the reveal that Rowan was the killer.

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Jasmine Blu, Jim Garner and Sarah Hearon, react to the big reveal and discuss what's next...

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Rowan killing Vargas?

Christine: I really didn’t think it was going to be him because that seemed too obvious, and then they surprised me by making it Rowan after all. The part I didn’t see coming was that someone else would back him into a corner to get it done. 

Jasmine: I agree with Christine. It felt too obvious, so I dismissed it. The fact that it was someone else who urged him to do it, however, is where the real surprise is. He didn't want to do it either. I was a bit surprised that he let openly struggled with it.

Jim: I'm with Jasmine, that it seemed too obvious. And I was just as shocked that he was being blackmailed to do it. It was so strange to see him struggling to do what needed to be done.  

Sarah: I agree with everyone. During the premiere, I thought it had to be Papa Pope because it always is, but I wasn't so sure as the season went on. It was an interesting twist to see him be blackmailed, but I'm kind of over it. 

A Crucial Decision - Scandal

Do you think the angle the gun was shot will come back to bite him?

Christine: I’m surprised that it hasn’t come up already. Any decent autopsy should show the angle of the bullet. The bigger question is, why is this the first we're hearing of it?

Jasmine: I do think it's odd that it hasn't come up yet. Did whomever it is running Rowan pay off the coroner or something? 

Jim: Agreed Christine, how has this not come up already? The fact that the TOP of Vargas' head would be missing not the TOP should have already come into play. Also, he left the steel plate with a hole in it and gun shells under the stage, and an unconscious or dead guard in the drain tunnel (which was nowhere near the garage). Seems odd these things haven't been noticed yet. 

Sarah: It definitely will. I'm also surprised no one has brought that up yet. 

What did you think of Sandra?

Christine: She was lovely, and she brought out the side of Rowan we never get the see, the young-at-heart, excited, science nerd who is capable of love. That said, the moment he let his feelings show for her, I knew she was a goner. Even Rowan killing her himself didn’t surprise me. 

Jasmine: I didn't have any strong feelings for her either way. I agree it was nice seeing the nerdy side of Eli come out. I'm so accustomed to his paleontology (archivist?)career being more of a cover than anything that it didn't dawn on me that he actually enjoys the work. 

Jim: It was nice to see the softer side of Rowan, I was hoping that Sandra might help mellow him a bit. Unlike Christine, I was TOTALLY shocked when he shot her. Mainly because he should have realized she wasn't their only leverage from the outset.  

Sarah: I thought it was nice to see another side of Rowan. She's a likable character, and I was kind of shocked when he shot her.

Are you on board with the new villains?

Christine: I think so. It adds a whole new dimension to Papa Pope. We used to see him as the most dangerous predator in D.C., but now he’s the prey. Just remember that prey is never so dangerous as when it’s cornered. 

Jasmine: I am. It does add a whole new dimension to Rowan. It's refreshing to see him so powerless when he spent so much time having all the power. Although, it's odd to me that he was forced to submit so easily. He's been the enemy of so many powerful people, that it's difficult for me to buy into this being the first time someone posed such a serious threat to Olivia, that he caved.

Jim: I'm with Christine and Jasmine, it is adding an interesting new element. I also loved Papa Pope's speech about being prey, but very smart prey. I'm looking forward to him getting the better of these two and making them eat their words.  

Sarah: I'm down for anything new! I feel like so many Scandal storylines are getting old, and as much as I love all of the characters, I'm happy to see new villains thrown in.

What do you think will happen next?

Christine: The new villains obviously want Mellie in power for a reason, so they must believe that they can control her, and they’ll use Papa Pope to try and keep Liv in line. What's their ultimate goal and why it's worth killing a newly elected president is still a mystery to me. 

Jasmine: I'm thinking maybe we'll meet whoever is in charge, and better understand why they needed Mellie to be president. Does she even know these people? What are their motivations? Also, Cyrus will definitely be back in the game soon. Maybe he and Liv will team up and look into all of this, with the rest of the gladiators and Jake.

Jim: Honestly, not. a. clue. Both of Christine's and Jasmine's theories have sound points. 

Sarah: I'm not sure! I am dying to know if Mellie has any ties to these people. I also think Cyrus will be out of jail soon and going after Liv and Mellie.

Over to you, Scandal fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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