Archer Season 8 Episode 4 Review: Archer Dreamland: Ladyfingers

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Well, Krieger definitely stole the show.

Archer Season 8 Episode 4 didn't do much to advance the main story about Woodhouse, or even about the criminal goings-on in Dreamland.

It did, however, give us a fantastic twist to Krieger's backstory.

Too Much Is Revealed - Archer

The running myth/implication about Doctor Krieger is that he was something akin to the Boys from Brazil. This was a major plot point in Archer: Vice Season 5 Episode 10, when he met his clone brothers in San Marcos.

Archer: Dreamland, however, turns this on its head. In Dreamland, Krieger is actually a Jewish scientist who infiltrated the Nazi science division to sabotage their weapons programs.

Aaron Leibowitz, no less!! I love this so much!

We had every reason to believe that Dreamland Krieger had the same or a similar backstory as his real-world counterpart. We heard him speak German early on, and his connection to Len Trexler and penchant for crazy experiments was certainly classic Krieger.

I mean, we all remember when he tried to sell uranium to North Korea, right? Nothing so far had seemed out of character.


Krieger: Look, I'm just following orders.
Barry: That's what the Nazis said!
Krieger: Yeah, tell ME about Nazis.

So this backstory makes him SO much more intriguing. It gives Krieger an added depth that he's never really had throughout the series.

Now I'm completely fascinated with the character, and I would love to know more about how the brilliant Jewish saboteur who confounded the Nazis became the Dreamland mafia double-agent.

I sincerely hope we get more of Krieger's story, and I also wonder if his story is somehow related to Archer's own flashbacks. Is there a connection somehow, or are the flashbacks only being used stylistically?

Also, can we just appreciate Lucky Yates for a bit? I mean, the man tweeted today that he never spoke German before this season of Archer. Way to go all in, man.

Doctor Krieger in the OR - Archer Season 8 Episode 4

Apart from Krieger's story, the rest of the episode was great for laughs, but the story was pretty dry. It felt like a filler episode, which I find astounding only four episodes into the season.

There was no real advancement of the mysteries or main stories we've seen so far. No progress on Woodhouse's murder, no developments really on the fiasco with Figgis and Len Trexler, or the rivalry between Mother and Trexler.

That said, there is one thing that makes this filler okay: the fact that it was wonderfully lampshaded.

What a load of shit. I should be looking for my partner's killer but instead I'm looking for a damn finger.

Given the self-awareness here, I'm going to go ahead and let myself believe that there's some kind of deliberate intent behind what may currently seem like filler. I will reserve any disappointment for now.

Archer and Poovey Driving Season 8 Episode 4

I still would like to see more of Archer's flashbacks, and I'm still holding out hope that we're going to get some view at some point of the real world activity of the rest of the characters.

Filler aside, there were lots of laughs this time around. Amber Nash was on fire, and she made Poovey such a perfect foil to both Figgis and Archer. Her constant reminding Figgis of Archer's conquest of his wife will forever be funny.

Figgis deserved that ribbing. I mean, of all the stupid assumptions – if we don't know where Charlotte is, no one does? That was perhaps the most illogical thing to ever come out of Cyril's mouth.

Archer meets the Vandertunts Season 8 Episode 4

Also, Cecil Vandertunt (welcome back, Eugene Mirman!) and his obsession with getting one of Charlotte's fingers was hilarious. Nice play on the title of the episode as well.

Cecil: I'm afraid I'm going to ask for proof that you actually have Charlotte.
Archer: What kind of -- wait. Oh no.
Cecil: Yes, I'm afraid I require...a finger.
Archer: Uh, I could bring you her! Just drive by the house, she could wave to you.
Cecil: Ummmm, nope.
Archer: I...that's...then how 'bout a photo of her holding today's newspaper?
Cecil: Ummmm, well now that could work!
Archer: Yeah!
Cecil: Just make sure that she's holding the newspaper with nine fingers.
Archer: Ugh, goddammit.

Some other Archer goodies:

Running jokes:

  • "Well..."
  • Oh my goodness what was with all the hot dogs?!


  • Old Buncombe – Archer-verse fictional brand of bourbon which makes an appearance every now and then.
  • "That'll do, Schnookiepuzi!" Awww Pigly!
  • It's been a while since we've gotten a mention of how well-endowed Cyril is.
  • I don't think we've heard H. Jon Benjamin's "English Accent" since Skytanic.

Cultural references:

  • Mrs Muir's thwat: A reference to both the 1947 movie and TV series called "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (both of which were based on a novel. I remember watching reruns as a kid. I'll let you all Google it.

Favorite Archer Quote: I have to say, these insults get more and more creative. I mean, how does one even come up with this?

Coroner: Your jerk-off partner is already back there.
Poovey: Uh, what?
Archer: Ugh. Glasses, dark hair, gray at the temples, mouth that looks like somebody used a tomato capper to scoop out a pig's asshole and glued it onto his nose?
Poovey: Aww shit.

So what did you guys think? Any thoughts on Krieger? Did you find this to be filler?

Remember you can always watch Archer online.

Archer Dreamland: Ladyfingers Review

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Archer Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

I bet that creepy old joint's as haunted as Mrs. Muir's thwat.


Malory: You don't want to drive all the way out there, only to hear him say, "On second thought, to make this happen, we're going to need a finger."
Archer: Nobody has ever said, "To make this happen, you're going to need a finger."
Malory: Oh, you'd be surprised!
Archer: [shudders] Ugh.