iZombie Round Table: Did The Love Triangle Just Become A Love Square?

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Liv may  have been on the Zen brain, but Clive is the one with the patience of a saint. 

On iZombie Season 3 Episode 3, Clive dealt with a Zen-ed out partner, a witness named Ladybird, pimp accusations, and a rancid run-in with a dumpster. In true Clive fashion, he took all of it in stride.

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Yana Grebenyuk, and Allison Nichols as they discuss "Eat, Pray, Liv."

Izombie Round Table

Katty has pieced together a lot of information and is dangerously close to finding out the truth. React.

Jim: I suspect she already knows and is actually trying to see where Ravi is on the subject. While I don't think she's on the Team-Z meal plan, I think she knows more than she is letting on.

Yana: She dropped the subject as quickly as she picked it up which really has me wondering where that could go. Either she really does know something and wants to know if she can straight out ask Ravi, or she doesn't, and we were just meant to panic and maybe consider the possibility that she will put it all together later on this season.

Her sleeping with Ravi though is a game changer because now they are even more connected in a way. It is possible she is sticking around long enough to figure it out.

Allison: I feel like she's definitely going to figure everything out. She's already so close to the truth. I'm interested to see how she, a CDC employee, reacts. Does she opt for scientific curiosity like Ravi did when he first found out, or does she go the more "kill all zombies" route?


Will the Memory Restoration serum work on Blaine and save Major in time?

Jim: I'm really torn, Blaine really needs the memories of how horrible his dad can be if he wants to survive the (soon to be) hostile takeover. At the same time, I like Lounge Lizard Blaine so much more!

Yana: I don't see Major dying, but this also all seems too easy? Like Blaine takes it and it all works out, making it simple for Major to survive. We might sweat a little with that plot, plus have we confirmed for sure that Blaine doesn't remember anything? That was still up in the air a little while ago, and I still don't know what to think there.

Allison: I can't see Major dying as well. I would kind of like to see Major lose his memories because I want to know what that version of him is like. Like Yana, I am still curious if Blaine really does have amnesia.

How did you feel about Ravi telling Peyton he loved her, but then sleeping with Katty? Will he and Peyton ever reconcile?

Jim: First I have to say, as a guy, I would NEVER let anyone (even the girl I dated) just barge into my house if I knew I had a half-naked woman in the kitchen. That's just bad manners towards the woman.

Second, Katty is clearly the rebound girl, and it appears she's ok with that. Finally, I hope they reconcile, we need a little true love in this world.

Yana: I wish Ravi thought it through and maybe waited at least a day because usually there is a chance that the second party will want to figure it out in that time frame. But Ravi is human and we all make mistakes. He was at a low point, and I don't want to hate on him for that.

I just wish things were a bit easier for Peyton and him because they are our last hope for a happy love story. Honestly, no one can catch a break, and I was really rooting for those two to actually get that chance.

Allison: I'm on Team Peyton a 100%. Still, I don't hate Ravi. He messed up big time, but this doesn't make him an evil person. I wish we could see Ravi and Peyton really have a go at their relationship, but it seems like they have more bumps in the road ahead of them.

What is Angus planning with "The Scratching Post?"

Jim: He's doing Blaine's idea on a more "1%" scale, where he is going to create the market for brains that he is purchasing from overseas and getting "locally sourced". I'm pretty sure it's poor Don E that is going to end up being voted out of the club.

Yana: I agree with Jim. Those scenes are entertaining, but if I had to pick one loose part of this season, this specifically could be removed with no one missing much. Blaine seems to be part of Team Z this season, or so far, and I'm not sure if his dad is just there to bring him back. Maybe he will actually get his memories back and will want to fight back?

Allison: I will say, I'm enjoying watching Angus and Don E. work together. They are quite a pair. I agree with Jim's assessment. Angus is making a super elite zombie club. He's creating a place for wealthy zombies to come, hang out, and spend some serious cash.

What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Jim: I loved Angus' comment to Don E, "You should stop starting sentences that way." He said it perfectly deadpan, which made it all the funnier.

Yana: Any Clive moment is hilarious. Him going into that garbage pile was really nice because he didn't want to make some newbie do his work for him.

Allison: The scenes where Blaine is singing. I am going to need Blaine to sing in every episode, okay? It just makes me happy.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ladybird: He died doing what he loved.
Clive: Sitting?
Ladybird: Meditating.

Peyton: How'd you even land this gig?
Blaine: Oh the last guy died up there. Literally.