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A Zen guru is murdered while meditating. 

Clive encourages Liv to eat the brains to investigate the case. It turns out that the guru used to be a business tycoon that ripped people off and turned on one of his partners. After his partner got out of prison he murdered the guru, Topher, for ruining his life.

Major is training at Fillmore Graves, but he can't seem to keep up with the others. It turns out that the others were mercenaries before they were turned. After failing challenges multiple times and costing his team, he finally pulls it off in the end.

Major's health is declining. Ravi tells him that he only has a few weeks left unless he takes the cure. He tells Major that he has an antidote for the memory loss but he hasn't tested it out on anything outside of a rat. They agree that they can test Blaine.

Blaine refuses to be tested at first because he doesn't want to remember who he used to be. Ravi blames him for everything that has happened to all of him and tells him that he should do this to save Major. 

Peyton gets upset at Ravi for being so rude. Blaine agrees to take the cure to see what the side effects are.

Ravi apologizes to Peyton and explains that he had a hard time with her and Blaine. Peyton tells Ravi that she beats herself up about it, but that he's being selfish making everything about himself when she had been kidnapped.

Ravi, later on, tells Peyton that he loves her. 

When Peyton goes to his apartment to talk to him. They briefly reunite and agree to a date, but then she discovers that Katty is in his apartment and that they had apparently set up together.

Katty figures out that there were brains in the digestive system of her victims, that they were all at the Max Rager party, among other things. She's close to figuring out the truth.

Blaine meets his father again but doesn't realize it's his father. Angus and Don E make a zombie night club called The Scratching Post.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ladybird: He died doing what he loved.
Clive: Sitting?
Ladybird: Meditating.

Peyton: How'd you even land this gig?
Blaine: Oh the last guy died up there. Literally.