Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 13 Episode 7 Review: The Ex Files

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Keeping up with Rob and Chyna is a full-time job. Even for the Kardashians.

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 13 Episode 7, the family debates giving Rob and Chyna a season two of their show, and tries to help Rob see how unhealthy his relationship is.

Kris is Angry - Keeping Up with the Kardashians

This season the Kardashians have been starting episodes with a cold open, and each one is more ridiculous (but also wonderful?) than the last.

Kris: Do you want shredded cheddar cheese?
Kendall: Does cheese make you fat?

Here we see Kris offer Kendall cheese for her chili, and Kendall declines and asks the rhetorical question, "does cheese make you fat?"

It's basically this generation's "is butter a carb?"

Regina George butter

Kendall also freaks out because she just got her teeth whitened and wasn't' supposed to be eating tomatoes. 

Being a model is so hard.

In a shocking turn of events, Kylie turns out to be the most mature KarJenner when Blac Chyna trashes the house that she was letting her and Rob stay in (and damaged her TV).

In case you didn't see the epic Snapchats of Rob walking around the house telling viewers everything Chyna took after they got into a fight, a quick recap is he was most upset about their baby and the Eggos.


The police come to the house because people called saying Rob was suicidal, and Kim and Corey go see him after they see the snaps.

You know your family communication is on track when you find out major life changes on Snapchat. #ModernFam

It's clear that Rob and Chyna's relationship is super unhealthy and needs to end (see season one of Rob and Chyna if you don't believe me), but Rob is still in love with Chyna and thinks they are going to get married.

I just wish there wasn't a child involved so I could enjoy the entertainment without feeling guilty. Call me if you need someone to talk to in 10 years, baby Dream. 

Khloe tells Kim that she found her old wedding photos and doesn't know what to do with them. She thinks she should shred them, but Kim tells her to keep them and make an ex-box, which is a box of things that remind you of your ex-husband or boyfriend.

An ex-box is not the video game, it's like a box of everything with an ex of yours.


I would love to see Kim's Kris Humphries ex-box. Never forget those precious 72 days, Kimmy.

Kourtney reveals that she has an ex-box for Scott, and she shows it to Khloe and Kim.

If I want a picture I could look it up online.


They also find a letter from one of her boyfriends pre-Scott, and Khloe does a dramatic read of it. It reminded me why those acting classes she took in season two of KUWTK didn't work out.

Kim finds her ex-box from when she dated Michael Jackson's nephew, TJ, and it included a map to Neverland and a confidentiality agreement. I'm hoping she takes a risk and snaps it like she did with the Taylor Swift phone call footage. 

Kim Kardashian and TJ Jackson

After only a few days, Rob and Chyna are back together and do an appearance together in New York. Khloe, Kim, Kourtney and Kylie don't understand how Rob could forgive her and why Chyna wants to be with him if he she thinks he is such an unmotivated loser.

They try to explain to Rob that his relationship is toxic, but he is not having it. And once again, Kylie is making the most sense. Maybe I should check out her new spinoff, Life Of Kylie, after all.

At dinner, the family talks about Rob's relationship and whether him and Chyna should start filming season two of their show.

They know it's bad for their relationship and could be damaging for Rob, but Kris points out it was the only thing that got him up and out of the house. Kourtney also says it could be therapeutic and is a job.

Kendall freaks out and says the show should be the last thing anyone is concerned about, proving once again that she is more of a Jenner than a Kardashian. 

The fact that everyone's lives revolve around a show and to make someone happy with a show, is the most sad, depressing thing.


Meanwhile Scott thinks it should be Rob's decision and he should get his part of the story out there... probably because Scott was the best part of season one.

Kim also jokes about how alike her and Kylie are, especially now that Kylie thinks she has psoriasis too.

Kim: If it isn't bad enough that Kylie is coming for my throne and we have major beef... she got psoriasis.
Kris: You got psoriasis? I wonder if it's ringworm.

Caitlyn makes her first appearance of the season to get a facial with Kris. The dynamic between the two of them is still super awkward (understandably), and I have to say that Kris has done a good job handling everything.

Caitlyn tells her that her memoir finished, and Kris is nervous because they have disagreed in the past about their relationship and how things went down between them.

Later on she joins Kris for a drink and brings her a copy of the book.

Kris has made it very clear that she says she never knew about Caitlyn when she was married to Bruce, but during their conversation she did point out that she thought it was weird that she always peed sitting down.

However in the book, Caitlyn says Kris knew that she wanted to be a woman during their whole marriage, which upsets Kris because she says it is a lie.

I'm not sure who I believe, but this episode is probably going to help sell more books than do anything else.

As for Rob and Chyna, the sisters let him make the decision about season two, but we all know that filming (and his relationship with Chyna) doesn't last.

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The Ex Files Review

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