Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Addison Alison 2.0?

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Did Emily go too far?

That's a question lies heavy on our minds after Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 12

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Jay Ruymann are joined by superfan, Meaghan Frey. 

They discuss the addition of Addison, Paige stepping up to help Emily and Aria's friendship with Holden. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Addison?

Yana: I'll be honest, I didn't get the point of her appearance. Maybe she plays an important role down the line? I could actually see her included at the end as the next version of the liars, very Mean Girls style. 

But aside from that, I didn't see why that whole plot was necessary or why Emily had to swerve in that direction; it seemed a bit of a waste. 

Meaghan: Hated her. I don't know why on earth the PLL writers would think it was a good idea to focus on this girl with nine episodes left of the show. 

Not to mention they made Emily look like an absolute child. Emily was acting like she was back in high school again. Addison is a total brat with no redeeming qualities, but she is a child. Emily is supposed to be an authority figure, so instead of trying to blackmail her she should have gone to the principal and allowed for an open investigation.

She has nothing to hide. Side note: Why, as the swim team coach, is Emily at the school all day? She really only needs to be there for practices and games. 

Jay: It just seemed like a waste of time. I understand that it was for A.D. to show Emily her dark side and that she's capable of embracing that dark side, but the writers creating a new character to focus on when we're so close to the end of the series.

A High School Student - Pretty Little Liars

Was Paige right to try and sort things out before speaking to the Principal?

Yana: Probably. Maybe cluing the Principal beforehand would have helped them get the upper hand but they worked it out themselves, and no one else knows about the pictures and accusations so maybe not.

Meaghan: Absolutely not. Paige cannot get over Emily and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, including jeopardizing her career. Even though she knows Addison is lying, all it would take is Addison telling the principal she reported Emily's behavior to Paige and Paige could lose her job? 

Please for your own sake Paige, get over Ms. Fields. Ali is always going to win. You stand no chance. 

Jay: They should've gone to the Principal right away. These girls never learn.

pll 7x12

Are you enjoying Aria's friendship with Holden?

Yana: I did! It was a nice change to see her not by Ezra's side. Of course, he is still there like a looming spirit that just won't disappear no matter how hard you try, but that friendship seemed great.

Holden knew Aria's plans before she even left and he gave her real advice that helped make sure she didn't come off as crazy. I hope they continue to be friends, with Holden helping Aria figure stuff out because it looks like she needs a rational soundboard that isn't worried about anything else so he can pick up on what is happening more. 

Meaghan: Definitely. I always liked their friendship back in the day, so it's nice to see it again. I am however worried that they are going to use him as a love interest for Aria and I would hate to see him get hurt as yet another obstacle in the way of the Ezria endgame.

Also, please writers, if you are going to break up Ezria, at least put her with Jason. #TeamJaria.

Jay: I do. I think they should be together romantically. Ezra isn't over Nicole, and there isn't enough time to realistically sort out his feelings for both girls. Aria should be with someone who knows they love her.

React to Jenna wearing Hanna's design. 

Yana: Why? Jenna, why? That is all I've got.

Meaghan: I didn't even think of the fact that A.D. was the one who replicated the design until Caleb said it. I assumed that it meant that Claudia had gone ahead and made the design herself after seeing Hanna's. 

Isn't A.D. too busy stalking them all day every day to recreate one of Hanna's designs? Don't they a black hoodie to iron or something? 

Jay: That dress is ugly in general, but especially in white.

Who is the jigsaw puzzle leading to?

Yana: A.D.

Meaghan: A.D. This is the big bad that has been stalking them from day 1, and I think they are finally ready to reveal themselves. 

Jay: A.D. Obviously.

Which liar did you like best this week?

Yana: Hanna. I am partial to her, and everyone else was a little bit eh to me this week.

Meaghan: Hanna, but only because she is the only one I didn't find unlikable this week. My heart broke for her when her PTSD kicked in, and she started having flashbacks. A.D. really hates her. 

Jay: Hanna, as well. Her lines were killing it this episode. Also, the flashbacks to her time being tortured were heartbreaking.

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Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13 airs May 2 on Freeform. 

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