Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19 Review: The Future

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So who else thinks this is all going to end badly?

It would certainly be an interesting twist if Lucifer's baby turned out to be a "good guy." After all, wasn't Luke Skywalker Darth Vader's kid?

Still, Castiel's decision at the end of Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19 felt like one he's going to wind up regretting.

Castiel faces off with Dagon - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

It's probably more likely that the "future" he thinks he saw was one orchestrated by the baby.

In fact, it was the baby that juiced up Castiel's powers to wipe out Dagon.

Though, it did suck that she just wiped away the colt like it was nothing during the fight.

I figured the colt would have had a bigger role to play considering its return and the focus on it. Guess not.

But it wasn't a surprise that Castiel stole it.

In fact, it was actually good to see Castiel struggle with his decision to kill Kelly.

Sam and Dean have something to say - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

And it was good for Dean to call Castiel out for leaving them in the dark. Lack of communication winds up getting them into bigger messes than needed.

But even more so, the teamwork has helped them get wins, not them doing it on their own.

So it was a bit frustrating that Castiel ran off on his own to "protect" Sam and Dean.

Or when he didn't stop Kelly from driving away.

Or even when he decided to knock the brothers out before leaving with Kelly because he's no longer lost and can see the future.

Castiel closes his eyes - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

But was the final choice to leave with Kelly and the baby all on his own?

Maybe he was brainwashed after getting that power surge?

Perhaps Castiel thinks the baby will be good and defeat Lucifer and Crowley.

And that may be true... right before the kid takes the power position as big bad for Supernatural Season 13.

Yeah, Sam and Dean are going to have their hands full once again.

Sam and Dean have arrived - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

It was disappointing Joshua was nixed so quickly. It was cool to bring back a character from an earlier season, but then getting rid of him so fast was a letdown.

Though it was fantastic that Sam was able to come up with an alternative to killing the baby.

It was a great idea that could have eliminated the real threat of the baby and its powers.

I was surprised Castiel wasn't as on board with that plan.

Still, it was pretty bad ass seeing him take down Dagon, and the fight with Dagon was much better than the last time.

I did wish she was scarier (Side note: How intense was that Lucifer screaming moment?!?), but she at least got to show off that she wasn't some easy kill.

Kelly is in trouble - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

This hour took a bit to get going, and Kelly just seems off her rocker with her view of her baby, etc., but I was invested by the end.

Castiel's decision, unfortunately, seems like it's going to backfire, but I'm curious what direction the baby storyline is headed.

And where will the British Men of Letters story intertwine, if at all?

Let's just hope Sam and Dean aren't faced with having to take down their friend when everything truly goes sideways...

What do you think of Castiel's choice?

Can Lucifer's baby be good?

Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic.

The Future Review

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