Supernatural Round Table: End of the Colt and a New Beginning for Castiel?

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Castiel made plenty of big decisions on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19, but that final one could have huge consequences. 

And is Lucifer’s baby maybe good instead of evil? And what about the end of the colt?

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky are ready to dive into the latest Supernatural Round Table.

So join in, and let’s discuss “The Future.”

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Nightsky: Powered up Castiel! I loved Kelly gently taking Castiel’s hand, the nephilim’s power surging through Castiel’s body until it turned his eyes gold, then him calmly but confidently using that power to immolate Dagon.

Go Cas!! I could watch that scene a dozen times and not tire of it.

Castiel faces off with Dagon - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

Alice: I can’t argue with Nightsky on her choice. It was definitely the most powerful scene of the hour. I’ll add that I loved Castiel’s response to Dagon, “Call it a miracle.”

That’s quite a shift from his talk with Kelly earlier about how there are no miracles and everyone is just winging it. Castiel is on a new mission now, good or bad. I find it pretty exciting.

Sam and Dean have something to say - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

Christine: I 100 percent agree with Nightsky. Powered up Castiel was SO powerful and bad ass. I definitely hit rewind a few times. 

Sean: Yeah, it had to be that super Castiel move on Dagon. It was cool to see him get a win and take down a prince of hell in such a visual way. But it also opened up a lot of questions going forward and what direction Castiel’s role might be.

Or what of the baby? Is it controlling Castiel or is he making his own choices?

A look of surprise - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

Is Lucifer's baby good or bad?

Nightsky: The definition of faith is acting on a belief without having any proof if you’re right or being fooled by nothing more than naïve hope. Kelly said she felt the baby’s goodness when it saved her life and when it showed her that they needed Castiel.

He said it showed him a future that was obviously good, one that he is now willing to devote his life and leave his family to protect. So far the baby has only done good things - save good people and kill demons – so I choose to believe it is good.

Of course, it could be duping everyone and that would be more likely a set up for Supernatural Season 13, but having Lucifer produce a being with the purity of the original archangels, and the love, compassion and free will of a human being, is far more interesting to me than a cliché Damien child.

Alice: I want him to be good. I’ve been looking for this show for a while now to restore some goodness to this universe. Everything has gotten so bleak.

Chuck’s return was a massive bomb, Amara turned out to be nothing more than cleavage with power, the angels are still hapless and total dicks, the British Men of Letters are evil even though the Men of Letters, in general, were introduced in Supernatural Season 8 as beacons of hope.

Yet, Sam and Dean, our big champions of fighting evil, have been shifted to background noise this season. 

Kelly is in trouble - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

Heck, the one being that has given us the most goodness and hope in the last couple of seasons has been Crowley, and he’s the freaking King of Hell. So yeah, it’s about time, we need a savior. If this kid doesn’t turn out to be it, I’m done. 

Christine: I'd love it if the baby was goo. I’d totally LOVE it. But, I have a feeling this is going to be a switcheroo, similar to the "Jasmine" fiasco on Angel Season 4, and that this deceptively "good" baby ends up ruining everything. I really hate comparing Supernatural to Angel or Buffy, but in this case, I can't help it!

Castiel has the Colt - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

Sean: It’s exciting not knowing which way it is going to go with this baby. It seems obvious that the baby will be bad, but what if it is good? What if it is the Luke Skywalker to his Darth Vader? And what role might it play in Supernatural Season 13?

Should Castiel have teamed up with Sam and Dean to take on Dagon or was he right to try and leave them out of it?

Nightsky: I think he was justified in leaving them out of it, but he should have been more honest with them. Since he had just come from Heaven, his grace should have been recharged, so there really wouldn’t have been much they could have done to stop him.

He wanted to protect them both from the Prince of Hell and from the horror and guilt of killing an innocent so his intentions were good. He may have also been ashamed of his plan and knew they wouldn’t approve.

He needed the colt and they absolutely would have wanted to go with him on that mission (only three angels to take on Dagon was stupid!) so he avoided pointless arguments and was “keeping them safe” as he stated. Better to ask forgiveness than permission?

Sam and Dean have arrived - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

Alice: Castiel has learned from the Winchesters. Sam and Dean have constantly lied to each other to protect each other time and time again. Castiel can’t help but do the same. Also, Castiel knows that Dean wouldn’t listen to him and see things from his perspective.

That was evidenced by Dean giving him crap for not being there when they confronted Dagon. Dean might believe that Castiel could have helped, but Castiel knew that there was nothing he could have done. He certainly wouldn’t have been able to defeat Dagon. 

In the end, it was easier to just take care of the problem and leave Sam and Dean out of it. It’s the Winchester way, and he’s an honorary member of the family.

Castiel feels the baby - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

Christine: Like Alice and Nightsky said, I get it. I'm just really sick of the "I'll handle it myself" mentality. But to echo Alice - it is the "Winchester way," so I'll accept it.

Sean: I also understand why he did what he did. But I, too, think the keeping people out of the problem to “protect” them usually never works. I’d rather see them banded together, but I also get that Sam and Dean probably wouldn’t have gone along with the plan.

Were you surprised the colt was destroyed?

Nightsky: Stunned! I absolutely did not see that coming! I am so sorry to have it out of the story!

Alice: Yes and no. I was surprised that they disposed of something iconic so easily. It was like it was a cheap prop that meant nothing.

I mean, all that history dating back to the 1800s, the visit with Samuel Colt, the importance in Supernatural Season 1 through Supernatural Season 5, the big folklore behind it, and it’s all unraveled in three seconds? 

That’s another piece of important “Supernatural” history that current regime is spitting on like they did with the amulet last season. At the same time, I felt it was cheap even bringing it back in the first place. They’re going against Lucifer. We already know the colt can’t kill Lucifer.

They certainly don’t need it against the British Men of Letters. I won’t miss it, but I’m getting sick of one writer deciding to bring something back just so another writer can trash it later.

Christine: SO surprised! That colt is a piece of the show's DNA. I can't believe that it's just gone. And SO easily! I really thought it would have some significance. Why even bother to bring it back in the first place?

Sean: It’s such an iconic visual for the show. And bringing it back seemed like it would play a bigger role, so to have it dashed like it was nothing was a surprise. It does make me wonder why they brought it back if it was going to get destroyed so easily.

Castiel closes his eyes - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19

What do you think of Castiel's decision at the very end when he chose to leave with Kelly and put Sam and Dean to sleep?

Nightsky: He made the same decision as before – to keep them safe, this time from everyone after Kelly, i.e. angels and Lucifer’s agents. He knows the brothers wouldn’t have killed Kelly or the baby, and they couldn’t have tried to extract grace without him, so they aren’t a threat to her.

Sadly, him leaving is more a testament that he still feels like a loner. Dealing with a nephilim is his responsibility and mission, not theirs, and he doesn’t understand that they want to put their lives at risk to save his, or to back his plan. I think his decision reflects that he is still apart from them.

He is an angel with angelic duties he feels are his own, ones that he does not share with humans. His job is still to protect all humans, including Sam, Dean and Kelly.

Alice: I thought it makes perfect sense. I get that it upset some people because they see this as Castiel once again making a horrible decision and will totally screw things up by going off on his own, but Castiel is an angel that lost all hope. Angels are hardwired to follow signs and keep the faith and without that they are nothing.

What Castiel experienced was probably the most powerful thing he has ever been through. The true nature of what’s happening still needs to be revealed, but Castiel has always been a being of faith and finally, there’s something out there that’s giving him some hope and a purpose. 

Heck, it’s overwhelming him with it. Of course, Sam and Dean aren’t going to understand. They haven’t seen what he did. Leaving them behind was the only option. 

Christine: I don't love it, but it's my own selfish desire to just see the guys fighting together. They've been so disjointed all season - Cas disappears and re-appears, and communicates then doesn't communicate, and it's just an exhausting merry-go-round with him and the Winchesters.

I loved the plot they were starting to work toward, this idea of Cas being "family," and it feels like they've just dropped that theme in favor of Castiel re-discovering his faith. Which is fine in the long run, but almost feels like it's come out of nowhere at the same time.

This plot may have been better served on Supernatural Season 11 during Castiel's Netflix and chill storyline.

Sean: It makes me interested to see where things are going, that’s for sure. I get that Castiel has lot his faith, but doesn’t this remind anyone of when Sam thought he was talking to God? And it turned out to be Lucifer? The whole thing screams of some type of brainwashing or at least a plan that will backfire.

And it sucks that he is keeping Sam and Dean out of his new mission. Either way, I’m invested to see what happens now.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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