Taken Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Solo

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It was bound to happen.

Bryan once again went off on one of his unauthorized solo missions and this time he got caught on Taken Season 1 Episode 7.

Bryan Is Abducted - Taken

Finally, we got back to Bryan's obsession, Carlos Mejia, at least for a brief time.

The ODNI team had gotten late word of a wanted international arms dealer, Tomas Vitek, being sighted in Montreal, then promptly lost again.

Since Mejia is one of Vitek's clients, Christina decided to pump him for information. In a less well-thought move, she sent Bryan to interrogate him, largely as a test. 

I'd say he passed that test since he got a lead out of Mejia while leaving relatively few marks.

Captured Druglord - Taken Season 1 Episode 7

So the team trailed Vitek to his meet in a convoy of nondescript panel vans. Since Vitek and his men were walking, wouldn't walking have been less conspicuous?

Anyway, Vitek's new client was a lesser mob boss, Jimmy Dunne, looking to get back in the game now that Mejia is out of commission. That part makes sense.

Dunne picked up Vitek. Bryan, having followed orders once this episode, immediately freelanced, planting a tracker of Dunne's SUV.

While Christina was clucking at Bryan about what a stupid move that was, the tracker helped them locates Vitek again and ultimately take him into custody.

Contemplating a Rescue - Taken Season 1 Episode 7

I was a little confused by this point. The team seemed to know where Vitek was enough to trail him initially but needed the tracker to find him again. That didn't make sense to me, especially since the tracker was on Dunne's vehicle.

The team smoothly swept up Vitek smoothly, but then runs into a Montreal police team that had been staking out Vitek. They stood around waving guns at each other until. Dave flashed his badge for the super-secret unit in another country.

Didn't someone think to call ahead? "Oh, by the way, we'll be in your city next week tracking a vicious arms dealer. Give us some room, OK?"

Bryan, being the diplomat that he is, cut through the red tape by rolling in the panel van long enough for the team to throw Vitek on board then follow.

Then Bryan got to showcase his driving skills, as they were soon being chased by the Montreal cops and Vitek's men.

He used the old drive-real-fast-and-then-park trick long enough for the rest of the team and Vitek to pile into what had to be the last wood-paneled station wagon in North America. That's their getaway vehicle? This is Montreal, not Havana.

That's when Bryan improvised yet again, driving off as a target to allow the others to get clear.

It would have been nice to have discussed the idea first, because it ended up biting him in the ass and giving the team more work to do, recovering his well-beaten self.

So after Bryan careened through an ungodly number of civilian cars, he crashed to a stop to avoid the child who decided to bike across the road in the middle of a high-speed chase.

He promptly got scooped up by Vitek's men who seemed to share one brain.

Then Bryan spent a third of the episode being tortured for what he knew, a good excuse to keep him shirtless.

The only thing that kept him sane were the flashbacks to his training with Scott and Dave, who offered him all kinds of useful advice, stopping just short of "Wax on, wax off."

Bryan's handy-dandy tracker proved valuable again, as Dunne's thugs drove out to where Bryan was being held and promptly killed off Vitek's people to take custody of Bryan.

Bryan opened a bit to the English-speaking interrogator, before, of course, literally turning the table on him and taking him hostage.

Growing Closer - Taken Season 1 Episode 7

Then, when things were bleakest, bullets rained down from the sky as the team arrived just in time to save our hero.

They rightfully dressed him down afterward for going cowboy. Why they didn't do this for exactly the same behavior in previous episodes, I'm not sure. 

I'd like to think Bryan has turned a corner and is going to become a good team player, but there's little indication that's gong to happen.

Then Bryan had to take his bruised but still pretty face to make Asha's parents.

They took his subtle hints about his job so he wouldn't have to say "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." That would make a bad first impression.

To try to make sense of it all, watch Taken online.

Weren't Asha's parents remarkably cool about the secretive boyfriend? Will Bryan ever learn to play well with others? When will the Mejia storyline advance? Comment below.

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