The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 2 Review: It Girl, Interrupted

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Cue the Taylor Swift, and welcome back Tinsley Mortimer to New York.

On The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 2, it's less about Tom and more about new faces.

Mad Hatter Tea Party - The Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley failed to make an appearance on last week's premiere, but you may remember her as a socialite who graced the tabloids for years in the 2000s. She was a regular on red carpets, and eventually in Page Six for her divorce and legal drama.

Personally, I could never forget her cameo during Gossip Girl's season two white party in the Hamptons. 

Tinsley on Gossip Girl

Especially after Blair Waldorf threw shade at her earlier in the series. "Gossip Girl's credibility is like Tinsley Mortimer's after a few martinis," Queen B said after Gossip Girl started posting crazy stories with no sources.

I certainly hope the ladies paid attention during GG, and I can't wait until all of them meet her. She's living with Sonja, and honestly I'm surprised she had room for her with all of the interns.

Ramona comes to Bethenny's house and quickly gets into a feud with her new dogs. She won't take off her shoes, is mad Bethenny didn't send an email when she got them and had to apologized to the dogs for not giving them a good enough greeting.

If the first interaction between these two longtime friends is any indication, it's going to be a rough season for Bethenny and Ramona... and they probably shouldn't make any trips to the Brooklyn bridge.

Bethenny and Ramona bridge

As for Bethenny's Halloween costume, I have no comment except she stole LuAnn's hair last season, and now she's looking like Jules in that wig. 

Ramona takes about ten seconds to turn the conversation to Tom and LuAnn, and confirms to Bethenny and Carole that she knows something about Tom. She doesn't say what it is, but I just hope she has the receipts. 

Carole announces she is having an election party, and it starts a brief discussion about Hillary Clinton's emails. I have a feeling it might get real old real quick watching Carole talk about politics when we already know the outcome of the election.

I just can't hold a conversation with someone who thinks what she reads in a Facebook comment is actually news.


However, it is interesting to think about how the New York housewives are fighting over who is the most politically informed, and over in the 90210 they can't make peace about someone deciding not to wear underwear.

Sonja is throwing a themed tea party, so LuAnn and her daughter go shopping for new hats.

There was no love story, it was a tryst.


It's about Tom (again), and Victoria agrees with her mother and thinks Sonja is jealous of LuAnn's relationship. She might be right, but I hope for Sonja's (and everyone else in the world) sake, she isn't.

Speaking of Sonja's love life, she's turning her attention to Tinsley's romantic history and trying to help her find a guy.

We learn that Tinsley was married to her boarding school sweetheart for years, but they got a divorce three years ago. Since then, she has had one boyfriend and it turned nasty quick (cue the mugshot... she was recently arrested for trespassing on his property).

The mugshot was so embarrassing, my eyebrows looked crazy... but I did at least have my lashes on.


Tinsley tells Sonja she wants to have kids (she's 41, but she froze her eggs), wants a man with a job and someone no older than 50. Sonja, on the other hand, says age doesn't matter if you can take them to the dentist and get them some new teeth.

I really miss New York. I miss the taxis, I miss that you can order chicken noodle soup at 5 o'clock in the morning, I miss, actually, wearing black.


After a quick chat with Ramona about how she doesn't or want to see Sonja, Dorinda goes furniture shopping with her daughter, Hannah because Dorinda's ex-husband has agreed to pay for her to (finally) move out.

Hannah: I'm rolling in dough right now.
Dorinda: I hope you weren't rolling anywhere to get that.

Ah, to be a daughter of one of the Real Housewives of New York.

We haven't seen Bethenny's daughter or her new boyfriend on the show, but after the disaster Bethenny Ever After turned into, I'm OK with that. Instead, we see her clean out her closet and donate clothes to Dress For Success each season.

It's time for Sonja's tea party, and I'm kind of disappointed because Sonja's themed parties are usually more extravagant. 

#NeverForget the time she forgot half of her costume and owned it like she did it on purpose.


 At least her psychic showed up.

Ramona is the first one to meet Tinsley, and it's pretty anticlimactic. She's more concerned about the sandwiches, and honestly, I can't blame her.

Let's face it, meeting me when I'm hungry, you're not meeting me at my best.


The drama between Dorinda and Sonja is heating up, and Ramona is in the middle. She wants them to make up so they can both stay at her house in the Hamptons (it's Ramona's World), but Sonja didn't even invite Dorinda to her tea party.

She also has a hickey, so thank God chokers are back in style.  

Sonja is disappointed that none of the women are wearing color. LuAnn is also the only one who wore a hat, which might have been a prank played on her by one of the producers.

Let's face it, meeting me when I'm hungry, you're not meeting me at my best.

LuAnn goes to Sonja to ask her to stop talking about Tom in the press. While they fight about what it means to be supportive, Ramona and Carole get to know Tinsley.

Sonja: I do want him to fly straight.
LuAnn: Don't worry he's going to get his wings clipped if he doesn't.

She talks about her breakup and how Sonja is giving her relationship advice, which makes Ramona and Carole crack up. Say what you want about Sonja, but she always has someone in her bed in the morning (and I'm not talking about Pickles).

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It Girl, Interrupted Review

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