Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22 Review: White Butterflies

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Theres nothing more stressful than having to watch a loved one go through a medical crisis. 

Unfortunately, neither Connor nor Dr. Charles handles that stress very well on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22. The way those two battled it out was even more uncomfortable than Robin's forced commitment. 

Looking For Help - Chicago Med

Even though I don't think he handled the check in process very well, I have to side with Dr. Charles on this case. Connor was acting like the worst kind of patient "advocate"; assuming that because he read DSM for schizophreniform disorder, he knew better than the psychiatrists.

He probably should have read the Wikipedia page too. 

His fight with Charles seemed to contain a bit of transference of issues with his own father, which is totally irrational, but also totally expected. I may not like it, but it was one of the most real moments of that scene.

Connor [about Robin]: Committed against her will? She can't even shower by herself. That is some therapeutic process.
Daniel: I think we all wish this could have happened differently, but, you know, at least she's getting the care that she needs, and she's safe and secure.
Connor: No. She's locked up. In prison. It's not the same thing.

Having his mother's name on the wall behind him as he argued against Robin's treatment was another nice touch; he's still a hurt little boy convinced that he could have saved his mom if he'd just loved her hard enough. This situation is resonating in ways I doubt he understands. 

Even taking that into account, it's hard to not be frustrated with a guy who brought his just released girlfriend home to a high rise apartment and didn't take any precautions. As soon as I saw that balcony, it was clear what was coming.

I mean, he should have at least had the forethought to get some advice from Reese about how to handle another breakdown. Somehow, I doubt she would have recommended advancing on or shouting at a patient in the throws of a paranoid hallucination. 

Breakdown - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22

Down in the ED, the topic of DNR's and advanced directives is "tackled" once again, and once again, there's extremely limited nuance to the conversation.

How many times are we going to have to watch Sharon explain to the ED docs that it doesn't mater if they agree with the decision, they still have to respect it? It's only been two seasons, but this felt like the 1507th time.

This topic would be officially exhausted, except no one ever has the cojones to actually take it on and explore the subtleties fully. 

Ethan: Don't put this on me.
April: It is on you! Your hands may have been tied by his advanced directive, but giving him heparin knowing it's lethal, that's assisted suicide.
Ethan: April, we can't save Gary. but one organ donor can save up to eight lives, one tissue donor can improve the lives of up to fifty others. Because of him, fifty-eight people get a second chance.

Choi's sudden acceptance of the decision based on cold hard numbers didn't really ring true to me -- for one thing, if that's the rationale, why not immediately change your position once you hear about donation? 

At least April's conversion to acceptance was based on speaking to the patient and respecting them as a person, thus respecting their wishes. I still find the story ridiculous and repetitive but at least her attitude adjustment made sense for her.

Gary: You think I'm making a mistake?
April: Earlier this year, I suffered a miscarriage. My child never got a chance at life. I would give anything just for one moment. You may not have as much time as others, but you still have some.
Gary: I'm sorry for your loss. But my time is over. The only positive is my death can help other people. I looks like I'm giving up. But this is everything I've been living for.

Keoni's diabetes at least had the beginnings of a "The More You Know" promo. It wasn't the best piece of in-show education that I've seen (by far), but it made an attempt at least.

Considering that the ever wonderful S. Epatha Merkerson has partnered with the American Diabetes Association, I'm a little surprised that there wasn't much information on the how of managing the disease, but perhaps there'll be more about that at later date. 

Maybe it would mean a return for Keoni! 

Jeff [pointing to Keoni's flipflops]: These your construction boots?
Keoni: I'm Hawaiian, brah. Slippers are multipurpose.

Jeff really should have taken the opportunity to talk to his last patient at Med about life on Oahu. Moving to Hawaii is going to be quite the culture (and climate) shock. 

I'm sad to see Jeff go, but at least he didn't get the Med spot because he didn't want it. His move is little confusing since Hawaii has no Level I trauma centers, but I suppose it is as far away from Nat as he could possibly get. And it's, you know, beautiful there and everything.

I just can't believe we'll have to put up with Noah. God, even the thought of #Rexton or whatever they're calling it makes me feel like throwing up.

Happy Dance - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22

His big sister's possible new romance doesn't sit any better with me. Talk about coming out of nowhere! I get more chemistry off of a Choi/Reese pairing than April and him. 

All these terrible pairings are actually making Jay and Nat seem like a good idea. I mean, objectively, it's a terrible idea. Although it would put a seemingly permanent kibosh on her and Will.

I stand by my (constant) opinion that Nat probably shouldn't be with anybody right now. She was upset enough about Jeff's abrupt departure that she went and chopped off her hair.

Slips out in the night, and still somehow he makes it chivalrous.

Maggie [about Jeff]

Because that's what ladies on TV do when they're upset about something -- cut off all their hair. There's no other way to express their inner turmoil, the hair must always go! At least Nat got to go to a salon and wasn't forced by some (male) writer to tackle the job at the bathroom sink with a pair of Fiskers.

You know what a good reason for her to have cut her hair would've been? She has an almost toddler that she's raising on her own. And it's about to be sweltering hot in Chicago. Practical reasons. 

I just feel bad for Nina, who finally has things out with her live in boyfriend, and he's going to break up with her because Nat got a haircut. She deserves better.

Haircute - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22

Of course the teaser for Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22 ("Love Hurts") could just be one big misdirect, as is so often the case. Maybe Will's going to propose! Maybe he's just apologizing. Who knows?

Since the press release mentions Sarah is still treating Robin, I doubt that she jumped off that balcony after all. Based on the (gorgeous) view from Connor's place, she'd likely be under Abram's care if that were the case.

With Robin readmitted, both Daniel and Connor will be taking some hits at work. There's a new hotshot to challenge Connor's spot as brightest young thing, and Sharon questions Daniel's ability to do his job. 

April: Seriously, you really want to analyze the cosmic power of an insect sighting?
Ethan: Probably an argument I don't win, huh?

We want to hear your thoughts on "White Butterflies" in the comments section! You can always watch Chicago Med online if you need to refresh your memory!

Will Sarah take on a new teacher? Can Robin be saved? Which 'ships do you think should set sail, and which should sink? And as we head into the finale: we know you're all Med Fanatics, but what do you think it's weak points are? And how would you fix them?

White Butterflies Review

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

April: Let's hope. Barborleta blanca. [Ethan looks confused] It means white butterfly in Portuguese.
Ethan: Yeah, that doesn't clear things up.

Connor [about Robin]: Committed against her will? She can't even shower by herself. That is some therapeutic process.
Daniel: I think we all wish this could have happened differently, but, you know, at least she's getting the care that she needs, and she's safe and secure.
Connor: No. She's locked up. In prison. It's not the same thing.