Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Bittersweet Farewells and New Beginnings

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Apparently, it is possible for our favorite, dishy medical drama to end on a relatively happy note. 

On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 24, we bid Stephanie Edwards adieu, but she had a heroic sendoff and lived to tell the tale. Our favorite badass resident has quit, and no one deserves a break more than her. Eliza Minnick also bid Grey Sloan Memorial farewell after being fired. No amount of protocols could save her from Bailey's wrath. 

While a shocked Owen and supportive Amelia took a road trip to bring Megan home, Meredith relayed the news that Megan was alive to Nathan. Despite their budding romance, there was nothing but elation and jubilee amongst the pair before Nathan took off to reunite with his former love.

Also, a new and controversial 'ship may be on the horizon. At least that's what April seems to think when she and Maggie were a bit too worried about Jackson's hero complex. 

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Join TV Fanatics Amanda Steinmetz, Tiffany Staton, and Stacy Glanzman as they discuss "Ring of Fire" the thrilling season finale!

Were you shocked that Stephanie survived? What did you think about the way she exited the series?

Amanda: When I first heard she was leaving the show, I hoped she would just move away and not die (like most people tend to do on this show). I thought for sure she was going to die in the fire, so I'm glad she got a heroic, but painful exit.

She was an absolute warrior saving herself and the girl. She deserves to see the world and enjoy herself.

Tiffany: Not shocked, per se, because you never know what Shonda's going to do. I would say more pleasantly surprised.

While there were a few times I doubted her survival, I did enjoy watching her save Erin and herself. Over the course of the season, I saw snippets of her passion for medicine declining but not to the point of her actually quitting. Still, I'll take that ending over her dying a sad, albeit heroic death.

Stacy: If this were real life, I'd be completely shocked by her survival. But, since it's TV, and Grey's has never really cared too much about being realistic, it's not really that shocking. Seriously though, she was in the room with the blast and somehow was less injured than Erin who was in a completely different room. It was pretty ridiculous.

As for the way she exited the series, I'm glad she lived and can go enjoy her life, but that's also a little unrealistic. She's probably got a crazy amount of student loans and she's just going to quit her job and travel the world?


On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy Meredith and Nathan's scenes when and after she told him about Megan?

Amanda: I'll give those scenes a 10. Nathan was floored by the news. You could see all the conflicting emotions play across his face. Meredith handled herself with a lot of maturity, and she didn't appear hurt at all that he was jumping at the chance to see her.

She understands him because they are in the same boat. Like she said, she would have already left had she just found Derek was alive.

Tiffany: 10. Meredith was great in those scenes – honest, supportive, selfless. I loved when she said, "If it were Derek, I'd already be gone."

Stacy: 10. I agree with Amanda. Nathan's facial expressions were perfect. You could read every emotion. I also liked how Meredith handled it. It's probably going to be a tough road ahead for them, but I think no matter what happens, Meredith and Riggs will at the very least stay friends. They get each other.

Shocked Nathan

What are your thoughts on what April said about Maggie and Jackson? Have you seen anything remotely romantic about Maggie and Jackson to suggest she's right?

Amanda: Ugh! Does anyone else feel like we are right back where we were during Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 24 ? Why does Maggie need to get in another love triangle? I am not looking forward to this storyline at all.

Ever since Maggie's mom died, I had a feeling they were setting this up, so I'm not surprised. April could tell Maggie was being protective. It doesn't take a genius to see how Maggie looks at him.

I am firmly on Team Japril, but I love Maggie, so I want her to be with a great guy... just not Jackson. Can't they set her up with someone who isn't in a limbo state with another woman?

Tiffany: I'm all for it, but there really haven't been many romantic moments or hints from the writers suggesting that is where their relationship is going. Sure, they got closer when Maggie's mom was dying, and they've had more one-on-one conversations since then, but that's really it.

No longing looks, no intimate touches or hugs that lasted just a little too long. Watching her and April take turns yelling at him for trying to be a hero was pretty funny though.

Stacy: I'm sick of love triangles. If they're about to throw two at us (Jackson/Maggie/April and Meredith/Riggs/Megan), I'm already not looking forward to next season. I'm not on Team Japril, but I don't see any chemistry between Jackson and Maggie. Why can't they just be friends?

Eliza Minnick has officially been fired. Are you happy? Will you miss her at all?

Amanda: There was potential for Minnick to have an arc where she grew and learned something from the hospital, but the writers kept her the same. So, if this is the last time we see her, I'll be fine with that.This entire storyline with the Minnick coming in and people taking sides was just annoying every step of the way.

Tiffany: Heck yes! So long, Minnick! For a second, at the beginning of the finale, I thought she was going to do a turnaround and start working with everyone in the interest of ensuring safety for all but nope! 

She wants to do things her way regardless of whether someone gets left out/hurt/dies because they're not technically following procedure. My only worry is, is she really gone? What happens with her and Arizona since they're a couple now?

Stacy: I never really cared about Minnick one way or the other, so I can't say I am happy or that I'll miss her. I'm pretty much completely indifferent.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Amanda: Stephanie, of course! She did everything she could to protect and save the life of another person. She freaking went through fire! Standing ovation over here!

Tiffany: Ben was great, Bailey was great, and Amelia was supportive for the second episode in a row (her longest streak this season), but I've gotta give it to Stephanie. The girl jumped through fire! More than once! She saved Erin, and now she's going to save herself by living a life full of fun and adventure. Get it, girl.

Stacy: Yeah, Stephanie is the obvious choice. She defied all odds and managed to save Erin, running through flames, spotting her ID card despite all that smoke, administering CPR for however long...she was pretty much a superhero.

What's the best and worst thing about the season? What would you rate the season overall?

Amanda: Unfortunately, this has been one of my least favorite seasons. The episodes were either really engaging or felt like filler. Also, I can't help but feel like major story lines never really moved forward, especially on the relationship front.

Jackson and April slept together, but their future is still up in the air. Maggie is now in another love triangle. Owen and Amelia have barely spoken this season, and they still haven't had a proper discussion about their relationship. Who the heck knows what's going on with Alex and Jo?

The entire Alex beating up Andrew story line feels like a complete waste of time, in retrospect. The only thing to come of that was Jo finally telling Alex the truth. Other than that, you could take out that entire plot and everything would still be the same, for the most part.

Where are the consequences? And the whole "Minnick's arrival causing a rift within the hospital" was just eye rolling, and Meredith not telling Maggie the truth about Nathan for almost an entire season was infuriating.

Tiffany: I'll start with the bad: Meredith lying to Maggie for months; Alex falling off the face of the planet after the dismissal of his charges; Amelia avoiding Owen for months; Catherine pulling Bailey's strings in the background, and Arizona falling so easily for Minnick despite how horrible she treated everybody.

The good: the eagerly anticipated return/arrival of Megan Hunt; Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia becoming supportive sisters; and Webber ultimately getting the credit he deserved.

Overall: I thought the show spent way too much time on certain storylines without giving us a satisfying resolution. Meanwhile, other storylines burst out of nowhere without any foundation. Entertaining? Yes, but also inconsistent, and at times, frustrating. Honestly, I'd give it a 6.

Stacy: This was not one of my favorite seasons either. Considering we were promised a season that focused on the originals, I felt pretty gypped.The Owen/Amelia storyline was awful.

The Minnick stuff dragged out way too long, and there wasn't enough Alex in the second half of the season. I'm honestly not sure if there was a best part of the season.

What was your favorite scene and/or quote of the finale?

Amanda: I loved everything with Stephanie. She was a powerhouse! I'll also say Meredith's line to Nathan: "If this were Derek, I would already be gone."

Tiffany: Favorite scene – Bailey FINALLY telling off Catherine. Favorite quote – "If it were Derek, I'd already be gone." McDreamy: making me cry since 2005.

Stacy: Meredith telling Nathan about Megan. I loved them jumping up and down in the street. Meredith is the only one who could be so understanding in this type of situation.


What would you like to see in season 14?

Amanda: I would like to see the characters making better decisions. I'm looking at you, Meredith! I'd also like to see some sort of follow through with Jo's abusive husband. Why would they hire Matthew Morrison if they didn't intend on bringing him back?

Hopefully, Owen and Amelia can figure out if they want to stay married. And if that woman is indeed Owen's sister, I'd like to see a thoughtful story line about her PTSD. It would be weird for her to start acting normally after a few episodes.

Tiffany: I hope they give proper time and attention to Megan's recovery, which should be long and complicated. Like Jasmine said in her Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 24 review, it affects multiple main characters, not just Owen and Riggs.

I assume we'll see Jo's husband, but I hope it won't be until the second half of the season. I hope we see Jackson's father again, and I want to see Jackson move on from April, even if it's not with Maggie. Actually, it would be really interesting (IMO) if he ended up with someone who wasn't a doctor and/or didn't work at the hospital.

I don't think we can avoid a Mer/Riggs/Megan love triangle, but I'm hoping we don't revisit the Alex/Jo/DeLuca one or see Maggie in another one anytime soon.

Stacy: I want to see more balanced story lines that don't completely ignore main characters (Alex) for long stretches of time. I don't like Jo, but I am curious to see where the abusive husband story line will go.

I am also curious to see whether or not that really is Megan (Owen hasn't seen her face yet...), and if so, what state she will be in. Will she remember them? Where has she been all this time? I just don't want it to lead to a love triangle, but other than that, I'm definitely interested to see where it goes.

Do you agree with our Round Table, Grey's Fanatics? Do you disagree? Hit the comments below and let us know you thoughts on the season finale and Grey's Anatomy Season 13 in general. 

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