Riverdale Round Table: Why Did [Spoiler] Kill Jason?

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FP Jones lied and admitted to killing Jason Blossom, Hal Cooper revealed the shocking truth about his family's history, and Clifford Blossom committed suicide after being revealed as the killer on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12.

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Jack Ori, Paul Dailly, and Justin Carreiro debate the future of the Blossom family business, FP's decision as a father to protect Jughead, and Clifford Blossom murdering his son.

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1. Clifford Blossom killed Jason. React!

Mandy: I'm surprised, and not surprised at the same time. I was leaning toward Mr. Cooper being the guilty party, but Mr. Blossom was second on my suspect list. I'm a little disappointed we don't know why. I understand they're probably setting up a new mystery for Riverdale Season 2, but I wish they'd wrapped this one up first.

Jack: I felt like I should have seen this coming. I was leaning more towards Penelope than Clifford for some reason. I also tend to look for the least obvious suspect and had been sure Sheriff Keller was in on the murder for so long that I was a little disappointed he turned out to actually be just doing his job!

Paul: I loved this twist. It showed that even though the series is on The CW, it is not afraid to take risks. I can't wait to see how Cheryl reacts in the finale. Alice needs to fire some snarky comments at Penelope.

Justin: I knew there was something shady going on with the Blossoms. As I mentioned in the Riverdale review for Riverdale Season 1 Episode 11, he was one of my two theories. I'm still shocked that he killed his son. There must be a bigger reason why he did it.

A Game Of Clue - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12

2. Hal Cooper revealed that the Coopers are descendants of the Blossoms, and that Polly/Betty are related to Jason/Cheryl. Why did he keep this secret for so long?

Mandy: I think a better question is how did no one else in Riverdale know about this? It's supposed to be a tiny town where everyone knows each other's business. And this is only a few generations back, so I have a hard time believing they could have kept this secret.

Jack: I agree with Mandy. I wasn't a huge fan of this twist, and I really have no idea why Hal kept this a secret. It seems like sitting down your child and saying, "The reason I don't want you two dating is because you're actually cousins" would've been a lot easier than the lengths he actually went to keep Polly and Jason apart. I get he doesn't like the Blossoms and would prefer not to be related to them, but sheesh!

Paul: I'm with Mandy. It did seem like one of the twists from Pretty Little Liars, but it still shocked me to the core.

Justin: I agree with Mandy as well. How did no one in town know this? My jaw hit the floor when he revealed this truth. I couldn't believe he let this go on without telling anyone, even Alice.

Burning Baggage - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12

3. FP was willing to go to jail to protect Jughead. Does this move change your opinion of FP?

Mandy: I've never doubted that FP loves his son. I think that's why he pushed him to stay with Archie's family. He wanted better for him. But I also have a hard time with this logic. FP had the goods on Mr. Blossom. Why didn't he just tell the police the truth? That would have spared Jughead, too.

Jack: I prefer this to FP actually being the murderer. My take on FP has always been that he feels Jughead deserves better than him as a father and this was just another example of pushing him away. But I do like that he was trying to protect him.

To Mandy's point, in these kinds of dramas, the bad guys always have unlimited power to immediately carry out their threats. He probably was sure Jughead would be killed before the cops could do anything if he told the truth.

Paul: To be fair, I never really thought FP was against his kid, but it showed the lengths he was willing to go to in order to save him.

Justin: I'm proud of FP. Even though he's acted shady most of the season, when it came down to it, he made a selfless move to protect his soon. I think FP is still going to jail, but it's good that he showed Jughead that he cares.

Coming Clean - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12

4. Jughead continued to suffer disappointment after disappointment (i.e. his mom wouldn't let him come to Toledo, Cheryl slapped him, he could've been expelled). Why do you think Riverdale likes to make him a tragic character?

Mandy: I wonder how long it'll be until we meet his horrible mother. I'm not sure why they don't give Jughead a break. He deserves one at this point. Spread some of the misery around.

Jack: I don't see Jughead as a tragic character. I see him as a resilient character that has overcome the way the town attempts to make him a pariah and scapegoat. Jughead pointed out several episodes back that his family background, socioeconomic status, and individuality make him the kid of person the town loves to bully and scapegoat, and this was more proof of that.

Paul: Jughead is a strong young man and I think all of the crap he's being put through is making him stronger. It's crazy, but he's more prominent than Archie on the show.

Justin: Jughead continues to suffer. He reminds me of Mellie from Scandal; he's constantly treated poorly to advance the plot or make him deal with the dark side of the show. Hopefully some good comes his way.

5. The Blossom's biggest business secret has been revealed: drugs. How do you think this will affect the family now that it's been uncovered?

Mandy: I'm not sure. I'm curious what's going to happen to CHeryl. She was all set to take over the family business. But now that she knows her father killed her twin brother, she might not be as interested in being in charge.

Jack: I agree with Mandy. Both her parents are/were so cold and ruthless, but Cheryl seems to have a heart and she may not want to be involved with drugs and murder and things that don't honor Jason's memory.

Paul: Their name has been tarnished, but it will let viewers see another side to Cheryl. She was only wicked because of the way her parents were.

Justin: I wouldn't be surprised if their business gets shut down and a police inquiry is started. There's no way Sheriff Keller will let this slide because of the murder being solved.

How Will Hermione React? - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12

6. Even though Clifford Blossom committed suicide over his guilt, do you think anyone else will be implicated or charged due to the Jason Blossom murder investigation?

Mandy: Yes, but probably not until Riverdale Season 2. We still don't know why he killed Jason. Plus, there's still the connection to Veronica's dad. I'm not convinced he isn't involved somehow.

Jack: I'm not convinced that Clifford actually committed suicide. He may have been murdered now that the secret is out by someone else involved in this. I definitely think there is more to the story of the Blossoms and Hiram Lodge, who is conveniently coming home just as this mystery wraps up, and like Mandy said, we're still missing a motive.

Paul: I'm certain this plot will be closed off and a new mystery will be the focus of Riverdale Season 2. I don't think anyone else will be implicated in the murder.

Justin: FP will definitely be charged in aiding Clifford clean up the body. He did kidnap Jason, after all, and cause this mess. Joaquin is on the run, so he's in trouble. And I have a feeling Penelope will be implicated too. She knew about the drugs and must know other secrets that we don't know about.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Betty: Put this on.
Archie: What?
Betty: Put it on.
[Archie puts on the jacket]
Archie: Betty, this is weird.
[Betty searches the jacket]
Betty: There's a hole in the pocket.
Kevin: Okay, now we're just grasping at straws.
Betty: Okay, no. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I have a hole in my jacket pocket, I always lose my chapstick in the lining.
Veronica: ...Or in my Monte-Blanc.
Betty: Hold on.
[She searches in the pocket and finds a USB]
Veronica: What the hell?
Kevin: Nancy Drew strikes again.

Polly: Wait, do you mean about great-grandpapi Cooper being murdered by a Blossom?
Hal: Betty, you're great-grandfather wasn't just murdered by a Blossom. He WAS a Blossom. After the murder, our family severed ties with the Blossoms and their name. We took a new one: Cooper.
Betty: I'm...a Blossom?!
Alice: Polly is a Blossom? Which makes her and Jason...relatives by blood. Which is why you wanted to...
Hal: Yeah. Alice, that's why.
Alice: Oh my God, Hal! If you were willing to send our daughter away to keep her away from Jason...
Betty: How far would the Blossoms go to keep them apart?
We need to get Polly out of that house.