The Flash Season 3 Episode 22 Review: Infantino Street

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Barry's going to change time again, right?

Because the moment he's been dreading, the one the team's done everything in their power to stop, happened on The Flash Season 3 Episode 22 "Infantino Street."

Savitar outsmarted Team Flash and stabbed Iris.

Be Safe - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

That's not going to be the end of Iris' story. It's not the end of Barry and Iris' love story. It's not the end.

I've never believed Iris would die. And even after witnessing it, I don't think it's going to last. Not when Barry's capable of going back in time. 

It doesn't matter how many times Barry promises everyone that he won't do it again. He never learns his lesson.

Joe: You time traveled again?
Barry: Yes.
Joe: That's what got us into this mess in the first place.

The big question isn't whether they'll find a way to save Iris. It's whether it'll be believable after all the effort Team Flash has been put in only to come up empty.

I don't want to complain before we see what The Flash Season 3 Episode 23 has in store for us. But it's hard not to be preemptively annoyed that they'll find a solution that fast.

Whatever they do, I think it's a safe bet H.R. will play a role after his costly mistake.

Team Guidance - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

Did anyone else cringe when he blurted out the information? Didn't anyone tell him that Barry was not allowed to know?

I suppose he was too caught up in his whirlwind romance with Tracy. Seriously, I'm all for cute romantic moments. But this one came even more out of left field than Caitlin and fake-Jay on The Flash Season 2.

They've known each other for two minutes, and H.R. is mock proposing as he invites her to join the team. Not that I mind having her around, but were any of their scenes necessary?

Cisco reaching out to H.R. was lovely. Just like it was lovely the last time it happened on The Flash Season 3 Episode 11. It's too soon, and too close to the end of The Flash Season 3, to waste time on retreads.

Strategizing - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

So given his blunders, and his need to feel like part of the team, I guess H.R. will have an epiphany when it comes time to find a new way to save Iris.

I also believe Julian will come through with the cure for Caitlin. Speaking of Julian, I wish someone would have mentioned why he wasn't around.

Considering The Flash Season 3 Episode 21 featured his declaration of love, and promise for a cure, his absence was odd.

Let It Snow - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

It was also odd when Cisco confessed his premonition vibes to Barry. He made it sound like it was the first time they were discussing the showdown between Vibe and Killer Frost.

Except Barry knows they fight. He saw the consequences in the future. Minor grumbling aside, I did love Barry urging Cisco to save Caitlin.

Obviously, that's what I want, and expect, to happen. But I do wonder why Savitar wants Killer Frost to distract Vibe at this moment. Several times he reminded her that she had a specific mission.

Savitar-Barry knew he was going to kill Iris. What's so vital about keeping Cisco away? Could that hold the answer to stopping him?

King Shark!

I feel guilty for what I'm about to say. As much as I love Captain Cold, and his team-ups with Barry, everything about the King Shark scenes felt like a waste of time.

There were more great Captain Cold quips than I could count. He watches Shark Week! He thought of a better plan than letting Barry kill King Shark. He reminded Barry that he's good.

But all of those moments could have been erased if Lyla had agreed to give Barry the tech the first time he asked. Especially since seeing him save Captain Cold changed her mind.

Barry wanted to save Iris in the first place! Why would one life outweigh another in her eyes?

Captain Unconvinced - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

It's hard not to be frustrated. Sometimes it feels like The Flash enjoys their characters a little too much.

I get it. I love them, too. Character arcs are great. But random moments and filler scenes are better in small doses. And they should not be so close to the end of the season.

There's too much going on. But there's also not enough going on. All the meaningful plot was held for the last ten minutes of the hour. 

And everything felt short-changed.

Savitar-Barry Knows  - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

Savitar-Barry attacked Wally. Did he damage his spine like the future Barry witnessed? The attack looked brutal. But Wally seemed okay afterward.

Or, like he would be okay after some rest. His cells regenerate like the other metas. At least we were treated to a nice moment between Wally and Barry.

Same with Joe and Iris. I loved watching them confess their old lies. And it hurt to see Iris give him the ring to hold onto for Barry. Just in case.

Although, I also wanted to shout at her that she needed to keep it since she wasn't wearing it in the vision of the future. Also, maybe pick out a different outfit?

True love. That's your pitch?

Captain Cold

The lack of Barry/Iris scenes also increases my confidence level when it comes to Barry finding a way to bring Iris back.

He didn't want to say goodbye, and she warned him not to lose himself saving her. A wonderful, touching sentiment. But not worthy of a final moment.

On the other hand, the sequence of Iris' goodbye video, where she recited wedding vows to Barry, mixed with Barry watching Savitar kill her? That was brutal. Heart-wrenching.

It's exactly the kind of goodbye that would launch a brokenhearted hero down a new path.

A Quiet Moment - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

But that's not going to happen. Barry will find a way to save the love of his life. And probably get rid of his Savitar-self, too.

Will someone else die? The Flash tends to give us a big death each season to reset Barry's life.

Saving Iris' life could easily cost someone else theirs.

It's your turn, Flash Fanatics. Tell us what you thought of "Infantino Street!"

Do you think Iris' death will be permanent? What about Wally's injuries? Did you enjoy seeing Captain Cold and Barry together? Do you think there's too much filler?

Remember, you can watch The Flash online anytime!

Infantino Street Review

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

True love. That's your pitch?

Captain Cold

Lyla: I really don't think you should be spying on me, Cisco.
Cisco: Is it really spying if we're friends?